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Official launch of pilot project: flashing amber traffic lights for cyclists


During a press conference on Tuesday, 22 September 2020, Mayor Lydie Polfer and Patrick Goldschmidt, Alderman for mobility, unveiled the pilot project for flashing amber traffic lights for cyclists, followed by a demonstration on Boulevard Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Luxembourg City: leading the way in traffic lights for cyclists

The Traffic Code (Code de la route) contains provisions for cyclists, including a system of flashing amber traffic lights. The aim of this new system is to make it easier for cyclists to move through the daily traffic at points where all the conditions are met.

Luxembourg City will be the first municipality in the country to implement the new system. With this in mind, this pilot project will be run as a test over the next six months, at six different junctions presenting specific traffic situations. At the end of this initial phase, the City will compile a report with the relevant conclusions, as they apply not only to cyclists, but also to all other road users affected by the scheme.

Given that the City has its own traffic light system, the Service Circulation (Traffic Department) has been able to introduce this scheme independently, and, similarly, can expand or adapt the system as appropriate in light of the results.

These bike traffic lights will initially be installed at the following junctions:

  • Avenue du Dix Septembre / Boulevard de Verdun
  • Boulevard Franklin D. Roosevelt / Rue Philippe II
  • Avenue Marie-Thérèse
  • Boulevard Franklin D. Roosevelt / Rue de l'Ancien Athénée
  • Rue de Bonnevoie (Rue du Laboratoire) (planned for early 2021)
  • Avenue Monterey / Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte

How do they work?

These flashing amber lights show a bike icon with a directional arrow. When this light is flashing and the light is red for vehicular traffic, cyclists can continue their journey in the direction of the arrow, provided they give way to all other road users in their path, especially pedestrians and drivers travelling in either direction on the road they are approaching.

This provision of the Traffic Code is subject to compliance with all other right-of-way rules, and only at intersections where the traffic lights have been installed.

Roads safer for cyclists

These flashing amber traffic lights offer cyclists a smoother journey by reducing the number of times they have to stop for lights, and also improves safety for all road users. This scheme is expected to make cycling in Luxembourg City a more attractive option. The new bike traffic lights have no impact on traffic flow for other road users, nor on other traffic lights in operation throughout the city.

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