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New exhibition at Villa Vauban

Villa Vauban Ouverture
Art and culture

The new permanent exhibition "Une promenade à travers l'art" was officially opened on Friday, 5 June 2021 at Villa Vauban.

With over 100 paintings and 14 sculptures spanning a wide range of artistic styles and subjects, visitors will be able to relive the Dutch Golden Age (17th century), take in the views of 18th-century Venice and the Amalfi coast, and then lose themselves in the countryside of mid-19th century France. With masterpieces galore, the exhibition also features small-format pieces and miniatures, as well as a spectacular room dedicated to the collection donated by Jean-Pierre Pescatore, an eminent benefactor of the City of Luxembourg. He acquired these pieces at an auction of the private collections of King William II of the Netherlands in 1850.

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