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Luxembourg City in top 5

Ville de Luxembourg
Politics, policy and administration

On 21 November 2019, the Prosperity and Inclusion in Cities Seal and Awards (PICSA) Index was presented at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Luxembourg City was ranked fourth, after Zurich, Vienna and Copenhagen.

The PICSA index, the first non-commercial global rating of economic and social inclusion, ranks 113 international cities according to their inclusive prosperity. In addition to GDP, the index considers factors such as access to education and healthcare, and affordability of housing. Thus, while it does take economic growth into account, the ranking is based more on the quality of this development and its distribution among the population. Its aim is to make an overall assessment of how residents feel in a city by evaluating a host of key factors.

Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer, who was delighted with the news, said: "It is a tremendous honour for Luxembourg City to appear on the first Prosperity and Inclusion in Cities Seal and Awards Index in Bilbao, and to receive recognition for how hard we have worked and continue to work to ensure our capital is a liveable city that offers the same quality of life to all its residents. […] In terms of quality of life, we have long focused on several different pillars, including transport, school and sports infrastructure, and the environment."

Luxembourg City was able to achieve this high ranking thanks to its considerable prosperity and diversity, and its outstanding public infrastructure.

The mayor added that "these are just a few examples of the short- and long-term growth objectives the City has set so that the excellent quality of life we experience today will be one that future generations can enjoy for many years to come."