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Land restoration project in the Pétrusse Valley

Renaturation écologique Parc Vallée de la Pétrusse
Urban development and housing

During a press conference and site visit on Thursday, 6 February 2020, the City of Luxembourg, together with the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development (Ministère de l'Environnement, du Climat et du Développement durable) and the Water Management Authority (Administration de la gestion de l'eau), provided details about the first phase of the Pétrusse Valley land restoration project.

The main aim of this project is to revitalise the valley's deteriorated and modified ecosystems, and return them to a more natural state. With this in mind, the Pétrusse River needs to be restored. This mainly involves removing the concrete riverbed so that it flows along its natural path, which will support a much richer diversity of flora and fauna and improve nutrient and water-retention levels.

A two-phase project

The ecological restoration of the Pétrusse River and the redevelopment of the adjacent park will be carried out in two phases undertaken in separate locations and at different times.

Phase 1: works spanning multiple sites

This phase, which began in June 2020, will cover the part of the valley from the Bourbon Lock to the confluence of the Pétrusse and Alzette rivers. Since the Pétrusse Valley is one of the main sites of the LUGA 2023 horticultural exhibition, this phase will be completed in spring 2023.

Phase 2: from the Bourbon Lock to Rue d'Anvers

This phase will start in spring 2024 (after LUGA 2023) and involve the land restoration of the Pétrusse Valley and the redevelopment of the adjacent park between the former Bourbon Lock (removed during phase 1) and Rue d'Anvers.

Access for pedestrians and cyclists will be guaranteed throughout the duration of the works, and appropriate signage will be erected to provide information about diversions.