gouttes de pluie sur la fenêtre de l'ascenseur reliant la Ville-haute au Pfaffenthal
Politics, policy and administration

To provide the capital's residents with support and advice on addressing the growing risk of extreme weather events, the City of Luxembourg is working closely with specialist engineering firms to develop a concept for mitigating the impact of flooding and torrential rain. Developing this concept entails, among other things, conducting an in-depth analysis of the current situation, which itself entails an assessment of existing data and on-site visits, hydrodynamic analyses of the sewerage system, hydraulic analyses of local watercourses, mapping out high-risk zones, and establishing a series of measures designed to reduce the impact of flooding.  

As part of this process, the City of Luxembourg and the Water Management Authority (Administration de la gestion de l'eau) are inviting the capital's residents to a number of information and discussion events. These meetings are an integral part of the municipal prevention and protection concept development process, in that their aim is not only to raise awareness of and provide information on practical measures that citizens can take to protect their moveable and immoveable property, but also to gather information, through engaging with citizens, that could be useful in developing the municipal concept.

Practical information

Dates and venues

Tuesday, 21 November 2023, 18:00, at the Beggen Cultural Centre (26B, Rue Rochefort)

  • For residents of the Beggen, Dommeldange, Eich, Limpertsberg and Mühlenbach districts
  • Attendees must register in advance by 16 November 2023 

Thursday, 23 November 2023, 18:00, at the Cessange Cultural Centre (1, rue St. Joseph)

  • For residents of Belair, Cessange, Gasperich, Hollerich, Merl and Rollingergrund
  • Attendees must register in advance by 17 November 2023

Thursday, 30 November 2023, 18:00, at the Neumünster Abbey Cultural Exchange Centre (28, rue Münster)

  • For residents of Clausen, Grund, Neudorf, Pfaffenthal, Pulvermühl and Weimerskirch
  • Attendees must register in advance by 23 November 2023

Tuesday, 5 December 2023, 18:00, at the Bonnevoie Cultural Centre (2, rue des Ardennes)

  • For residents of the Bonnvoie, Cents, Gare, Hamm, Kirchberg and Ville Haute districts
  • Attendees must register in advance by 28 November 2023

Attendees can register at inondations.vdl.lu, or by calling 4796-2995

Simultaneous interpreting into French and English will be provided. For interpreting into German Sign Language, and any other accessibility arrangements, please contact makayser@vdl.lu