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Help us create a photo archive and a collection of objects

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In light of the unprecedented situation created by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the City of Luxembourg's Photothèque is asking for help to create an photographic record of the circumstances in which we currently find ourselves. Photography has always been a way to capture moments in history, which is why such a collection is vitally important to create a collective memory.

To do so, we are asking for your personal images of everyday life during the pandemic.

  • Photos of queues to get into supermarkets, empty streets, security measures or signs, snapshots of your everyday activities, etc. are to be sent to the Photohèque.
  • Photos of new everyday objects created by you or others, unusual situations, signs, textiles, postcards, etc. are to be sent to the Lëtzebuerg City Museum.

Photos must ONLY be taken when going outside for essential activities (e.g. to go shopping).

If you would like to help us create this photo archive:

  • complete the form on the Lëtzebuerg City Museum's website and upload your photos; and/or
  • fill in the "Agreement to transfer photographs" below (the photographer/author retains the moral rights to their photos, and assigns the proprietary rights to the Photothèque free of charge) and send it with your photos (no more than five) via email to

Please note that any photos breaching the government's confinement measures and those that may infringe the image rights of photographed individuals (people photographed without their consent) will not be accepted.

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