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Fort Neipperg and Fort Wedell car parks: up to four hours of free parking

Parking Fort Neipperg

The first hour of parking is free at the Fort Neipperg (43, rue du Fort Neipperg, L-2230 Luxembourg) and Fort Wedell (1, rue du Commerce, L-1351 Luxembourg) car parks in the Gare district on Monday to Friday as well as on Sundays, courtesy of the City of Luxembourg. Taking advantage of this offer is easy: the fee for one hour of parking is automatically deducted from the total amount due when users insert their ticket into the car park payment machines. On Saturdays, users are treated to four hours of free parking.

This special offer, in the run-up to the tram being operational between "Stäereplaz/Etoile" and Luxembourg Central Station, aims to promote the city's shops, in particular those in the Gare district, where more than 350 shops offer a wide range of products (accessories, clothes, shoes, food, electronics, cosmetics, etc.).