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FNR Science Image Competition Exhibition on Place Auguste Laurent

« FNR Science Image Competition » Exposition à la place Auguste Laurent
Art and culture

Since 10 September 2021, Place Auguste Laurent in Limpertsberg has been the venue for a new photography exhibition featuring the winning pictures in the 2021 Science Image Competition put on by the National Research Fund (Fonds National de la Recherche – FNR).

Through this freely accessible outdoor photography exhibition, the City of Luxembourg wishes to show its support for the FNR and improve the visibility of its work, particularly among the many children who attend schools in Limpertsberg. The 15 photographs, selected by an international panel of judges in the categories "Object of study", "Scientists in action", "Places and tools" and "Science popularisation activities" put a human face on scientific research and reveal a captivating universe that is generally obscured from the general public. "It is important for us to take our exhibitions out into the public space to break down barriers, and we are delighted that the City of Luxembourg has offered us an opportunity to do so in the heart of Limpertsberg. We hope that passers-by will be able to connect with these fascinating images and draw inspiration from them. It is an open invitation to the public to satisfy their curiosity, to pause for a while and give free rein to their imagination." explains Didier Goossens, Communications Manager at the FNR.

  • The exhibition runs until February 2022.
  • Admission is free.