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Financial support for businesses: One-off grant of €4,000

Commerces Ville
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The City is providing support to businesses affected by the pandemic by introducing a range of financial measures:

The opening phase involves enhancing businesses' visibility, and also providing them with quick financial support by directly purchasing €1,000 (including VAT) worth of their vouchers, which will then be handed out to the general public. To date, over 500 shops have taken advantage of this initiative, and the competitions to distribute the vouchers will be held in the next few weeks.

In a second phase, following the unanimous vote by the municipal council on Friday, 19 June 2020, a one-off grant of €4,000 is being offered to businesses meeting specific eligibility criteria. The purpose of this grant is to provide greater support to the capital's retailers and lessen the burden on their businesses following lockdown.

How to apply

The retailers and restaurant owners in question will receive a letter in the next few days. Business owners wishing to receive this grant are kindly asked to submit their completed application form by 30 September 2020.

Contact details

Luxembourg City Hall

42, place Guillaume II