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E-scooter sharing platform in Luxembourg City

Politics, policy and administration

Following a meeting with Bird at the mayor's offices on Thursday, attended by the Regional Police Director for Luxembourg City, Bird has agreed to the City's request to remove all their free-floating e-scooters by Sunday, 20 October 2019. 

The City of Luxembourg wishes to provide some clarifications about free-floating e-scooter sharing services in our city:

  • While a bike-sharing (vel'OH! - fixed stations) platform and car-sharing (Carloh) service have been operated in Luxembourg City for a few years now, the City of Luxembourg has not entered into any agreements with any company whatsoever to provide e-scooters. Furthermore, it provides no financial support to any such endeavour.
  • As to the establishment of commercial businesses in Luxembourg City, the municipal administration is not involved in granting permits; however, it goes without saying that any company wishing to set up shop here is required to have all the necessary permits and authorisations to carry out its business activities.
  • As ever, public safety is paramount to the City of Luxembourg, and the municipal authorities wish to remind road users that the Traffic Code (Code de la route) applies to everyone, including people using e-scooters. According to the Traffic Code, the use of e-scooters (which are similar to e-bikes) is permitted on cycle paths and roads. They cannot, however, be used on bus lanes (unless otherwise indicated) or pedestrian zones (with some exceptions).
  • With regard to parking these e-scooters, the City of Luxembourg wishes to remind users that these vehicles – which are similar to e-bikes – must be parked in accordance with national and municipal regulations.
  • As to the management of the fleet of e-scooters, the City of Luxembourg wishes to stress that article 9 of the general municipal regulations on public order and safety (Règlement général de police) states that it is prohibited to soil public spaces and thoroughfares and, subject to the provisions governing waste collection, to discard, leave or otherwise dispose of any objects whatsoever in these areas. In addition, the law of 18 July on the Grand Ducal Police (loi du 18 juillet 2018 sur la Police grand-ducale) states in article 13 that when objects or substances present a grave, tangible or imminent danger to public safety or the peace in areas accessible to the public, and when all other measures to remedy the situation have been proven ineffective, the mayor is authorised to order the administrative seizure of the offending objects or substances. As such, the City of Luxembourg reserves the right to remove any vehicles that obstruct public thoroughfares and spaces, and thereby constitute a danger for other users of public spaces, in particular pedestrians and people with reduced mobility.