Art and culture
Design Hub_Batiment A

As the lease granted to the first designers to take up residence in the Design Hub will soon come to an end, the City is launching a call for applications from creative industry professionals for the next lease – beginning in August 2024 – for this workspace that fosters creativity, co-working and sharing experiences, and is a great venue for hosting workshops in the heart of the Gare district (42-44 rue de Hollerich).


The application process is now open. Creative entrepreneurs working in the field of visual arts (photography, decorating, film, web design, graphic art, illustration, etc.) may submit their applications until 21 July 2024 using the form available below. Only applications that are complete, i.e. which include the dedicated form and a description of the project, will be considered. Successful candidates will be selected based on their availability and the quality and innovativeness of the concept they propose.