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Clothes donated to the association Hëllef fir Ukrainesch Kanner ASBL

Konviktsgaart_Remise de vêtements à l'association « Hëllef fir Ukrainesch Kanner asbl » le 27 novembre 2019

On Wednesday (27 November 2019), the Konviktsgaart and the group Fläisseg Hänn (organised by Ms Jeanne Donven) gifted sweaters, hats, blankets and other knitted goods, as well as clothes for children and adults that had been collected over the last few months, to the association Hëllef fir Ukrainesch Kanner ASBL.

Marcello Loguercio, director of the Konviktsgaart, sincerely thanked the ladies of the Fläisseg Hänn group for their hard work and commitment. Jeannot Majerus, who represents the Hëllef fir Ukrainesch Kanner ASBL, also thanked all the residents of the Konviktsgaart who helped make this initiative a success.