membres du conseil échevinal en vélo sur la piste cyclable

On Thursday, 22 September 2022, Mayor Lydie Polfer, Chief Alderman Serge Wilmes, and Patrick Goldschmidt, Alderman for Mobility presented and officially inaugurated the cycling infrastructure on Boulevard Prince Henri.

These temporary fixtures – built pending the implementation of the final development project, scheduled for late 2023 as part of the Creos infrastructure works on Boulevard Prince Henri – are part of the College of Aldermen's ongoing drive to promote and secure sustainable ('soft') mobility throughout the city – especially around the municipal park.

The reorganisation of cycle and pedestrian traffic in the municipal park in June 2021 was the first phase of a larger project to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians in the city. This project, which comes as a logical follow-up to the work in 2021, aims to further improve cycle and pedestrian traffic by creating routes reserved for each type of user, thereby reducing the risk of conflict among road users. In some areas, these routes are even physically separated from one another.

The project provides for the creation of a separate and secure central route along Boulevard Prince Henri, and includes:

  • the creation of a new, two-way cycle lane along Boulevard Prince Henri between Avenue Pescatore and Avenue de la Porte Neuve. The removal of 25 parking spaces along the stretch of road in question – 14 reserved for cars and 11 for motorcycles – has been compensated for by transforming the parking spaces on the odd-numbered side of the road into an orange zone (parking for up to one hour, Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 to 18:00, at a rate of €2 per hour), thereby fostering vehicle rotation. The space reserved for persons with reduced mobility has been moved to the curbside parking zone on Boulevard Prince Henri (near the intersection of Boulevard Prince Henri and Avenue de la Porte-Neuve).
  • the laying of an approximately 270-metre-long physical separation (using modular separators) between the cycling infrastructure and vehicular traffic lane along the section of Boulevard Prince Henri between Avenue Pescatore and Avenue Emile Reuter. This required the removal of some 40 parking spaces in the street running alongside the municipal park.
  • the creation of a pedestrian and cycle crossing with traffic lights at the intersection of Boulevard Prince Henri and Avenue de la Porte-Neuve for additional safety. These developments, which are part of the final infrastructure project, include changes to the north-western side of the pavement along the stretch of road in question, and the lowering of the pavement on both sides of the pedestrian and cycle lane.

Owing to this new infrastructure along a major traffic route, cyclists will be able to use a safe route pending the completion of the final project in 2023, which provides for further building works, including the opening of a raised cycle lane along the entire length of Boulevard Prince Henri.

Once the final project is completed, cyclists will have safe and direct routes to the Pfaffenthal elevator (and PC1) and Kirchberg, as well as to the city centre (using the cycle lane along Boulevard F. D. Roosevelt) and the Gare district (using the cycle path running under Pont Adolphe). Additionally, the project will free up the municipal park of cycle traffic – except for the through link between Boulevard Prince Henri and Avenue de la Porte-Neuve –, making it safer for pedestrians and reducing the risk of conflict between cyclists and pedestrians.