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Affordable rentals

Luxembourg City owns 26 housing units in different neighbourhoods and, as new construction projects are completed, more units will become available in the future.

Depending on availability, Luxembourg City regularly issues calls for candidates to rent these single-family houses or flats. The persons targeted are those who work in Luxembourg City, households with average income, young households, and/or households with children.


  • The housing in question must be suitable for the composition of the household.
  • Total household income must not exceed the thresholds defined by Luxembourg City for each type of housing.
  • Monthly rental amounts for such housing normally do not exceed 30% of the household's disposable income (calculated on the basis of net monthly income, plus any public benefits and aid, such as family allowances).

As soon as housing is vacated or is newly built and available as affordable housing, a call for candidates is issued and published below.


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