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As part of the measures introduced due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, Konviktsgaart is only available via telephone (250 650 – 1). More information

Pricing structure

You pay the following fees when you live at Konviktsgaart

1) For your accommodation, a fixed amount must be paid in advance on the first day of each month by standing order to BCEE account no. LU06 0019 1000 7439 4000, held by Sodexo Senior Service S.A.

This rate includes the following services:

  • breakfast and lunch
  • gas heating
  • water
  • water supply and waste management fees
  • weekly housekeeping
  • use of shared facilities
  • rental of a basement storage unit
  • curtain cleaning once a year
  • annual cleaning of the storage unit and garage

2) Fees for the shared TV antenna and telephone are billed separately. Tenants pay their electricity bills directly to the supplier.

3) Residents may request the following services for an additional fee:

  • lunch served in their room
  • laundry service
  • additional housekeeping
  • repairs and other maintenance work (cost of materials)
  • occasional help from the nursing staff
  • repainting of the accommodation
  • underground parking space
  • internet

Price list (January 2020)

Apartments and studios

Monthly rent

Large apartment for a couple

54.80 m


Large apartment for one person

54.80 m2


Apartment for a couple

46.58 m2


Apartment for one person

46.58 m2


Large studio for one person

44.76 m2


Studio for one person

39.44 m2



Short-stay rooms (full room and board)

Daily rent

Large room with bathroom for one person | No. 6


Large room with bathroom for a couple | No. 6


Large room with bathroom for one person | No. 1+2+3+4+5+7 


Large room with bathroom for a couple | No. 1+2+3+4+5+7


Rates may change annually.

Other services

  • Parking based on availability:
  • Fees for shared TV antenna and internet:
    price set by Eltrona.
    • TV:
      Initial installation is free of charge. The resident bears the cost of all other service calls.
    • Internet: unlimited
      or €29.95
      .-/month for 100 Mbit/s ultra high-speed internet and €5.00/month in rental fees for a Fritzbox modem.
  • Telephone:
    • subscription plan: to be selected based on P&T rates
    • communications: based on monthly usage
  • Lunch and dinner served in your room:
    2.75 per meal per person (first 10 are free).
  • Reimbursement when the tenant is away:
    When tenants are away for more than four consecutive days, they receive a discount for meals starting on the first day they are away (up to a maximum of 60 days/year). The deduction is €5.09 per day.
  • Electricity:
    Billed by LEO S.A, at the domestic rate. We recommend that you set up a standing order for this bill.

  • Additional maintenance of apartments:
  • Laundry
    €3.50 Washing machine

  • Home care and support:

  • Nursing:
    based on CNS rate.
  • Preparation of medication:

  • Monitoring of blood sugar level:
    based on CNS rate.

  • Pharmaceutical products:
    third party reimbursement.

  • Personal hygiene products:
    billed at current rates.

  • Repainting:


    €1,000 including tax

    Large studio

    €1,100 including tax


    €1,200 including tax

    Large apartment

    €1,400 including tax

  • Visitors' meals in the restaurant:

    Monday through Saturday

    €12.50 for starter & main course

    €12.50 for main course & dessert

    €16 for three-course meal

    Sundays and public holidays

    22.50 for soup, main course & dessert

    22.50 for soup, starter & main course

    24.50 for starter, main course & dessert

    27.50 for four-course meal

    Drinks not included

the department

Contact details

9, boulevard F. D. Roosevelt
1er étage
L-2090 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–12:00, or afternoons by appointment