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Captain Tris

Captain Tris is from the future, from the year 3023. He explores different planets and galaxies, using a time portal.

One day, Captain Tris discovers the planet Earth, and decides to explore it. All goes well... at first. Tris meets several Earthlings and learns their different languages.

Unfortunately, on the day he is due to go back to the future, he cannot find his time portal! When he contacts his home galaxy, he is advised by a specialist to enlist the help of the youngest and brightest Earthlings.  

Captain Tris is ordered to:

  • Find the code to open the safe;
  • Find the golden stone;
  • Find the map showing where the time portal is hidden.

Set off on a mission alongside Captain Tris and help him accomplish his tasks so that he can find the time portal and get back home!

Dates and registration

This workshop is designed for children enrolled in foyers scolaires and pupils in elementary school cycles 2.1–3.1. Children can expect an engaging and exciting experience.

Have you got the spirit of an adventurer? Captain Tris needs your help! Don't leave it too late, though – the time portal will be closing soon!

22 to 29 November, Monday to Friday. Daily sessions: 8:45–10:00, 10:30–11:45 and 14:30–15:45.

23 and 24 November: a range of fun activities for the general public will be on offer at the Minicercle, from 14:00 to 18:00.

To register, send an email to CAPEL (Creative Learning Centre), which belongs to the Service Foyers scolaires (Childcare Department) at

Contact details

4-12, rue de l'Ecole
L-1454 Luxembourg

Getting there by bus