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"Gestion et développement événementiels" working group

This working group meets regularly and brings together the following departments:

  • Autobus de la Ville de Luxembourg – AVL (Luxembourg City Bus Service)
  • Besoins spécifiques (Special Needs)
  • Circulation (Traffic)
  • Communication et relations publiques (Communication and Public Relations)
  • Coordination culturelle (Cultural Coordination)
  • Développement économique et commercial – DEC (Commercial and Economic Development)
  • Environnement (Environment)
  • Géomètre (Surveyor's Office)
  • Hygiène (Sanitation)
  • Jeunesse (Youth)
  • Parcs (Parks)
  • Protocole (Protocol)
  • Espace public, fêtes et marchés (Public Spaces, Festivals and Markets)
  • Sports (Sport)
  • Urbanisme (Urban Planning)
  • Voirie (Roads and Highways)

The following agencies are also part of the Events Steering Committee:

  • Agence Luxembourgeoise d'Action Culturelle (Luxembourg Agency for Cultural Action)
  • Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO)
  • Grand Ducal Police
  • Union commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg (Luxembourg City Business Association UCVL)

Contact details

9, rue Chimay
L-2090 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–12:00 and 13:30–17:00