from 06.02.2023 - 00h00 to 28.07.2023 - 17h00




Construction site at Reckenthal: route L.31 modified via rte from Arlon to Reckenthal Gäertnerei. Some stops removed.
First phase of redevelopment and network works at the Reckenthal: The upper part of the Reckenthal is served by the diverted line 31. It runs from Monday to Friday at an hourly rate from the city center by the road of Arlon, to access the Reckenthal by the territory of the municipality of Strassen. The service is provided up to the Reckenthal stop, Gäertnerei. The Steekaul and Shooting Stand stops are removed and replaced by the Reckenthal, Gäertnerei (line 31) or Roudebierg (line 21) stops. The stops on Rue de Rollingergrund (Val St André, Val Fleuri, Beim Klomp, Bei der Fiels and Biischtefabrick) are also not served by line 31. On the territory of the municipality of Strassen, the stops Oricher-Hoehl, Cité Pescher and Schafsstrachen within the cities are abolished and replaced by the stops Pescher and Schafsstrachen in the Reckenthal.

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