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Project description

The City of Luxembourg will be undertaking works to create a dedicated north-south cycle lane in the Limpertsberg district (along Avenue Louis Pasteur between Rue Henri VII and Allée Schaeffer). The works are being undertaken in response to popular demand, and will increase safety for cyclists in this area. The first phase of the works will be carried out in conjunction with the following City departments:

  • VDL – Service Voirie (Department of Streets): Creation of a two-way cycle lane, including the creation of terraces for all local businesses, the installation of bus stops and pedestrian crossings for persons with reduced mobility, the laying of paving-block pavements on both sides of the lane, and the creation of asphalt parking lanes interspersed with tree pits.
  • VDL – Service Parcs (Parks Department): To replace the 23 trees that have been removed from both sides of Avenue Pasteur, 11 new trees will be planted on the odd-numbered side of Avenue Pasteur at the end of phase 1, while the other 12 trees that were felled will be replaced with trees along Rue Jules Mersch. The new trees that will be planted along Avenue Pasteur will enjoy better conditions for their growth and development thanks to large, underground tree pits.

Phase 1

For cycle traffic travelling up Avenue Pasteur, the dedicated cycle lane will be converted into a one-way lane, providing a safe link for cyclists coming from Allée Scheffer and enabling a significant increase in the width of the pavement, which will be more than two metres wide.

For cycle traffic travelling down Avenue Pasteur, a bicycle boulevard will be created, which means that cyclists will be travelling alongside motorised traffic. As a reminder, according to the Traffic Code (Code de la route), on bicycle boulevards cyclists have right of way over motorised vehicles. Additionally, motorised vehicles are prohibited from overtaking and their speed is limited to 30 km/h.

Phase 2

For cycle traffic travelling up Avenue Pasteur, a dedicated one-way cycle lane will be created and, at the same time, the parking strip on the even-numbered side of the street will be removed to accommodate the planting of 12 trees to create a physical separation between the cycle lane and the pavement.

For cycle traffic travelling down Avenue Pasteur, the creation of a bicycle boulevard is planned.

Phase 3

The project to create a cycle lane along Avenue Pasteur will also include the use of ground markings to create a contra-flow lane for cyclists travelling in the opposite direction to traffic along the section of the lane between Rue Ermesinde and Rue Batty Weber (for cyclists travelling up Avenue Pasteur) and, for motorists travelling down Avenue Pasteur, the same section of road will be limited to one-way traffic.

Implementing this project will result in the creation of a continuous cycle lane of approximately 720 m in length in Avenue Pasteur, serving as a major route for cyclists in the Limpertsberg district.

Works schedule

Phase 1 works (section between Allée Scheffer and Rue Henri VII)

Commencement of works: January 2022

Planned completion: end of 2022

Phase 2 works (section between Rue Ermesinde and Rue Henri VII)

Commencement of works: November 2022

Planned completion: spring 2023

Phase 3 works (contra-flow bicycle lane up to Rue Batty Weber)

Provisional start date: once the phase 1 and phase 2 works have been completed.

Civic engagement

First civic engagement meeting

Following long-standing calls by residents, cyclists and the local interest group for a north-south cycle lane in Limpertsberg, the City of Luxembourg held an initial civic engagement meeting in July 2019 to present three potential projects. The project that is currently being undertaken was selected and approved by the municipal council, with a large majority, in February 2020.

Working group with local residents

Further to the project information meeting with local residents in September 2021, the decision was taken to organise a second civic engagement meeting. In October 2021, a working group was set up and met with residents from all over Limpertsberg, and a number of proposals were put forward. Following that meeting, the City departments involved in the project conducted an in-depth analysis of the residents' remarks and grievances and reported their results to the College of the Mayor and Aldermen, which approved the project to be undertaken in January 2022.

Information meeting

At a project information meeting held on 18 October 2022, the City of Luxembourg's College of the Mayor and Aldermen presented to the residents of Avenue Pasteur the report on the current use of the two-way cycle lane along Avenue Pasteur between Rue Henri VII and Allée Scheffer, as well as details on the second phase of the project, involving the section between Rue Henri VII and Rue Ermesinde.

Further to the analysis conducted by the City, and residents' feedback, it was decided that a number of adjustments were needed to accommodate cycle traffic on the section of Avenue Pasteur between Rue Henri VII and Allée Scheffer (phase 1).

The initial plans for the section of Avenue Pasteur between Rue Henri VII and Rue Ermesinde (phase 2) will also be adjusted.

Traffic information

What is the current traffic situation?

For vehicular traffic:

For the duration of these works, through-traffic and parking will be prohibited on Avenue Pasteur: first between Rue Ermesinde and Rue Antoine Zinnen; and then between Rue Antoine Zinnen and Rue Henri VII. Traffic will be diverted. In addition, the direction of traffic will be reversed on several streets: on Rue N.S. Pierret (meaning traffic will flow in the direction of Avenue Pasteur); and on section of Rue Henri VII between Avenue de la Faïencerie and Avenue Pasteur.

For businesses and deliveries:

The City of Luxembourg will try to ensure access for deliveries to local businesses throughout the duration of the works.

For public transport users:

Throughout the duration of these works, AVL bus line 19 will be rerouted between the stops "Léandre Lacroix" and "Alfred de Musset", travelling via Rue N. S. Pierret, Avenue de la Faïencerie and Rue Henri VII towards Avenue Pasteur. The stop "N. S. Pierret" will be moved from Avenue Pasteur to Rue N. S. Pierret, outside No. 51.

Stay informed

To make life easier for residents while these works are being carried out, the City has introduced a series of measures, including the option for residents to participate in work-site meetings. Residents affected by the works can attend these meetings to put forward any grievances they may have, or simply to receive updates on the progress of the works.

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