At a glance

The first phase of the "Mobility Plan" (Mobilitéitsplang) consisted in taking stock of the current situation in terms of urban mobility, and assessing the mobility habits of residents and tourists in Luxembourg City. To that end, the City had extended an invitation to the general public to take part in an online survey, which was conducted from 14 October to 14 November 2021.

Completion of phase 1

Given the number of participants (8,482 responded to the survey)  and the composition of the sample (residents of Luxembourg City (46%) / non-residents (54%), respondents in different age groups, etc.) the responses provided an overview of the current situation in terms of urban mobility in Luxembourg City, and the City of Luxembourg would like to thank all the respondents for contributing to the success of the survey.

The results of the survey were broken down according to type of trip, frequency of use and respondents' individual situation. As such, cross-sectional analyses can now be performed and compared against the current offering in terms of mobility to reach conclusions that would take into account the needs and interests of all stakeholders, i.e., pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, users of public transport services, residents of Luxembourg City, tourists, etc.