How to register

You must register in advance to use the system.

To register, you will have to provide your address, one or more mobile phone numbers, one or more licence plate numbers, a credit card number and a password.

You can amend your data at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget my password?

If you are using a Luxembourg mobile phone, text PASS to 62345. The server will send you back a text message with your password.
If you are using a foreign mobile phone on roaming in Luxembourg, you must contact the Call2Park Helpline (tel. 4796-4499).

Who do I contact to cancel my registration?

Contact the Call2Park Helpline on 4796-4499

Can the system be used with a foreign mobile phone?

Generally, from the moment you are connected via roaming to a Luxembourg network operator, you can use the system by means of the voice server (not by text message). However, this depends on the agreements between your operator and the Luxembourg operators, and cannot therefore be guaranteed.

How do I use more than one mobile phone with a single account?

When you register, you can give several mobile phone numbers to be linked to your account. You can add or remove telephone numbers at any time after being identified as the account user.

You will, however, have to provide a main mobile phone number to be used to identify you.

I have "hidden" my phone number. Is that a problem?

No, by registering, you give us the right to use your mobile phone number to identify you, even if you have "hidden" the  number. This condition is listed at the bottom of the first registration page.

Why are my licence plates each assigned a separate number?

In order to avoid having to give your full licence plate number every time you use the system, we assign a number from 1 to 9 to each licence plate linked to your account. You can use this number when you open and close a ticket. If you only have one licence plate, however, this does not apply.

Assign the license plate number of the vehicle that you use the most to No. 1. If you give no license plate number in the text of your message, the license plate number assigned to No. 1 will be used.

You can change the order of your licence plate numbers by accessing your account.

I received the message "(...) refused by CETREL (...)". What do I do?

Our most recent demand for payment was refused by CETREL. This happens if your credit card is lost, stolen, used fraudulently, copied or damaged or when a non-Luxembourg card is renewed: Unfortunately, if this happens, it is not possible for us to link your new card to your existing registration information.

If this is the case, go to the Call2Park website to enter your new credit card under the "Bank" tab. Until your issue is resolved, you will no longer be able to use the system.

Please note that renewing a Luxembourg credit card (issued by a Luxembourg bank) does not cause this issue.

I have a new credit card. What do I do?

Register your new credit card on the Call2Park website.