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Opening a ticket

Once you have parked your vehicle, enter the tariff number shown on the special parking signs. The Call2Park system can be used on roads with parking signs that display the tariff number.

Simply send a text to 62345 (max. 35 cents per text message) containing the tariff number and the letter O (for open) – and, where needed, the number assigned to the licence plate number. Do not include any spaces.


  • "6O" or "6o": opens a ticket for tariff 6 for licence plate number 1.
  • "6o2" or "6o2": opens a ticket for tariff 6 for licence plate number 2.

If your message is properly received, you will be sent confirmation from the system via text message. You can also use your mobile phone (Luxembourg phone or via roaming) to call a voice server that will take you through the process, on 900 62345 (max. 35 cents per call). The voice server can provide confirmation on whether you have opened a ticket.

If you do not receive confirmation, there must have been a technical issue and you will have to buy a paper ticket.

Closing a ticket

When you return to your vehicle, text the letter F (for "fermer"; meaning "close" in French) and the number assigned to the licence plate number to 62345 to close the ticket (max. 35 cents per text message). Do not include any spaces. Instead of F for "fermer" (close), you can also use the letter S for "schliessen" or the letter C for "close".


  • "F" or "f": closes the ticket that is currently open for licence plate number 1.
  • "F2" or "f2": closes the ticket that is currently open for licence plate number 2.

You can also call the voice server (900 62345) if you prefer. Parking fees are calculated by the minute and are debited from your credit card.

Unlike paper tickets, you do not need to know in advance how long you are going to be parked. You begin your parking session when you get out of your car. When you return to your car, you end it.

If the maximum parking time for the tariff has run out, the system will automatically end the session and send you a warning via text message.

Just like with regular parking tickets, metering is suspended overnight and starts up again the following morning.


Parking fees are the same as for paper tickets. They will be debited from your credit card. The rate charged for the text message that you send, or for your call to the voice server, is a maximum of 35 cents. Telephone operators are free to offer the service at other preferential rates. Text messages sent to you by Luxembourg City are free of charge.

The tariff numbers are a combination of price per hour, maximum parking time and payment period.


Payment is carried out by credit card. Currently, only Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

To reduce credit card transaction fees, we do not bill parking tickets on an individual basis. We wait for charges of over €10 to build up and then send a payment request to SIX Payment Services (Europe). This is shown on your credit card bill as one big amount for a single "ticket" but is actually the fee is for several tickets. If you do not use Call2Park on a regular basis, we issue an invoice at the end of the month, irrespective of the amount accumulated.

To allow you to use your credit card, your web browser will direct you to a SIX Payment Services (Europe) screen via a secure connection. All numbers and validation details entered are handled by the SIX Payment Services (Europe) secure server.

The credit card operations are handled, in full, by SIX Payment Services (Europe): a Luxembourg organisation set up for the purpose of clearing payment card transactions. Luxembourg City does not know your credit card number.

If you receive a parking fine while you have a valid ticket, please contact the Grand Ducal Police, which is the only body authorised to deal with these types of disputes. Police officers can access information about Luxembourg City's electronic parking tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I send a text message to +352 62345, I receive an error message.

That's to be expected! Short numbers like 62345 don't work the same way as long numbers. If you add the country code to short numbers, this confuses the system.

If you want to check the status of your ticket from a foreign network, use our voice server on +352 900 62345 (max. 35 cents per call).

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