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The all-in-one multipurpose card

The mKaart issued by the Verkéiersverbond (Transport Federation) is a multipurpose card which can be loaded with different products, such as travel tickets and access to mBox cycle parks.
The mKaart can also be used with the Chargy network, providing access to public charging stations for electric cars and hybrid plug-in cars in Luxembourg.

You are given an mKaart when you purchase a product at the Mobilitéitszentral
or at an approved AVL, CFL or TICE ticket office.

Anonymous mKaart

The anonymous mKaart can be loaded with any product, except for annual passes. These cards do not contain any personal data.

You can load travel tickets and the following products onto your anonymous mKaart:

  • 2-hour ticket
  • Booklet of ten 2-hour tickets (equals one product)
  • Day ticket
  • Booklet of five day tickets (equals one product)
  • Monthly short-distance pass
  • Full monthly pass
  • City-Kaart monthly pass
  • First class supplement
  • MBox access
  • Access to Chargy* terminals

Several products can be loaded onto a single mKaart.

Personal mKaart

Your personal mKaart displays your name, date of birth and identity photo. You can use it with your annual pass (e.g. Joresabo, Jumbokaart, Seniorekaart, etc.) and, of course, any other products.

Above all, the personal mKaart is issued to store users' personal annual pass. In addition to the travel tickets and products that can be loaded onto an anonymous mKaart, the following passes can be used with a personal mKaart:

  • Jumbokaart
  • Seniorekaart
  • Annual short-distance pass
  • Full annual pass
  • Annual pass for RegioZones 1 and 2
  • Annual supplement for Flex Pass Regions 1 and 2
  • Annual Studentepass supplement for Regions 1 and 2

Further information

Further information on the mKaart is available:

Contact details

20-22 rue des Bains
L-1212 Luxembourg
(dans le complexe Forum Royal)

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Gare de Luxembourg
13 place de la Gare
L-1616 Luxembourg

Getting there by bus

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Saturday, Sunday and public holidays


the department

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63 rue de Bouillon
L-1248 Luxembourg

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Monday–Friday (call centre)


Saturday (call centre)