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Changes to the bus network

Changes to the city's bus network came into effect on Sunday, 13 December 2020. More information


Line 4 will remain the same between "Leudelange, Gemeng" and the city centre ("Theater"), but will now terminate at "Dommeldange, Parc de l’Europe".

A new line will run through Cessange: line 14. Buses on this line will depart from "Boy Konen", call at "Gare Centrale" via the new "Am Brill" development and "Fischerhaff", and then travel through the city centre ("Hamilius") towards "Cents, Waassertuerm".

Line 70 will be renumbered as line 27, and the route will remain unchanged.

Alight at the following stops for the tram

  • 4, 14 and 27: "Gare Centrale", "Hamilius"

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