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Better service to various parts of Luxembourg City

The City Night Bus network, which currently comprises 4 bus lines (CN1-CN4), will be adapted to better serve various parts of Luxembourg City, in particular Hamm, Pulvermühl, Weimershof, Mühlenbach, Rollingergrund, Beggen and Dommeldange.

  • CN1: P+R Bouillon, Gare, Glacis car park, Clausen, Neudorf, Cents (unchanged)
  • CN2: Bonnevoie-Nord, Gasperich, Cessange (formerly CN3)
  • CN3: Bonnevoie-Sud, Hamm, Pulvermühl
  • CN4: Kirchberg, Weimershof
  • CN5: Kirchberg, Weimerskirch, Mühlenbach, Rollingergrund
  • CN6: Eich, Beggen, Dommeldange
  • CN7: Limpertsberg, Merl, Belair (formerly CN2)

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