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Detour, stop changes

Bus lines 5 and 6 – Bonnevoie

Stop alterations in the Gare district:

The "Wallis" and "Paris/Zitha" stops will be closed and replaced by the following stops:

  • in the direction of the city centre: "Gare-Rocade", platform 1, and Boulevard de la Pétrusse/opposite Fortuna;
  • in the direction of Bonnevoie: Rue Heinrich Heine and "Gare-Rocade", platform 2

Bus line 7 – Verlorenkost, Pulvermuhl

Buses will terminate at "Lavoisier" instead of the "Heedekëppchen" terminus.

Buses from Cents (line 7) and Hamm (line 70) will be operating from "Général Patton" via "Lavoisier", "Laboratoire" etc., following the usual route to Luxembourg Central Station (temporary terminus).

Return trips, in the opposite direction, will depart from Luxembourg Central Station (platform 102).

The "Al Molkerei" and "Paris/Zitha" stops will be closed and replaced by the "Laboratoire" and "Gare-Rocade" stops.

Special timetables

AVL timetables for the day of the Braderie:

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