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Detour, stop changes

Line 23, Gare district

Between Rue de Hollerich and Stadtgrund, line 23 will be rerouted in both directions along Rue Bonnevoie (rocade) and Boulevard d'Avranches.

The "Gare Centrale" (platforms 7 and 102), "Al Avenue" and "Dicks" stops will be closed and replaced by the following stops:

  • in the direction of Stadtgrund/Pfaffenthal: "Gare-Rocade", platform 1, and Rue de Prague / corner of Boulevard de la Pétrusse (Berlinerwee);
  • in the direction of Gasperich: Rue de Prague / corner of Boulevard de la Pétrusse (Berlinerwee) and "Gare-Rocade", platform 2.

Only lines 1/125, 5/6, 16, 18, 21, 22, 31 and 39 and the suburban lines (RGTR 120, 144, 172, 192, 194 and 195) will be operating between the city centre (Hamilius / Monterey) and the Gare district ("Gare-Rocade" stop replacing the "Gare Centrale" stop).

Users travelling from Gasperich to the city centre are asked to change buses at the "Alsace" stop (line 18) or the "Gare-Rocade" stop (lines listed above).

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