Changes in journey times

Some changes to the AVL network have taken effect on 10 December 2023 to optimise our bus services and best meet passenger needs.

Following an analysis of actual bus journey times, updated schedules were introduced across the AVL network on 10 December 2023. As the calling times at several bus stops have changed, users are asked to check the schedules displayed at bus stops and available online.

Real-time departures can be viewed online at, or using the cityapp - VDL.

New routes for AVL lines 3 and 33

As part of the optimisation of the AVL bus network, the routes of lines 3 and 33 were adapted and these services run in parallel between the "Eecher Plaz" and "Lycée Bouneweg / LTB" stops.

  • The line 33 route is extended to "Howald-Waassertuerm", with buses calling at "Hamilius", "Wallis", "Rue des Trévires", "Léon XIII", "Lycée Bouneweg / LTB", "Howald-CIPA" and "Howald-Jhangeli".
  • The "CIPA Howald" stop is served by line 33 buses once every 60 minutes from 8:00–19:00 Monday to Sunday, instead of line 3 (which no longer call at this stop).
  • Line 33 serves the "Howald-Jhangeli" stop every 30 minutes (instead of every 60 minutes) from Monday to Sunday.
  • This new coordinated service on lines 3 and 33 ensure frequent buses between Howald and "Eecher Plaz" (every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday; every 30 minutes on Sundays).

Lines 3 and 33, as of 10 December 2023