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The horticultural expo LUGA 2023 will bolster the Grand Duchy's reputation as a dynamic, open and vibrant country. In organising LUGA 2023, Luxembourg City will be seeking to showcase economic activities other than financial services, including trailblazing, diversified niches in fields such as agriculture, viticulture, the environment, eco-tourism and especially horticulture.

LUGA 2023 will be more than just a flower show. It will provide a marvellous opportunity for presenting every facet of Luxembourg's green heritage. It will seek to improve public perception of the Grand Duchy's horticultural, viticultural and agricultural products, as well as of green jobs in general, all while paying homage to its historical and cultural heritage. Among other things, it will put the spotlight on how local food production systems have evolved through community-supported agriculture and urban gardening. In addition, it will help raise general awareness about the role of environmentalism in our towns and villages by providing a platform to showcase their green spaces, planting projects, green roofs and green facades, etc. Finally, such major topics such as environmental education, pesticide-free gardening and adaptation to climate change will be an integral part of the event.

The signature of the financial agreement follows on from the decisions taken by the Government Council on 20 July 2017 and by the City of Luxembourg's College of Aldermen on 1 February 2019 to support the organisation of this national horticultural expo.

Minister Romain Schneider stressed that "the objective of this horticultural exhibition will be to offer a different image of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and to promote its agricultural, viticultural and horticultural industries, green jobs, eco-friendly urban planning initiatives, and recreational tourism. This is an outstanding way to spotlight Luxembourgish horticultural and market-gardening expertise for 500,000 potential visitors. The goal is also to reconnect people with nature, growing fruit and vegetables, and urban gardening in order to promote regional and seasonal produce."

"Luxembourg City is proud to host the country's first major horticultural expo," said Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer. "A horticultural exhibition of this scale will undoubtedly be a boon to Luxembourg City in terms of cultural and environmental influence, tourism and business. The investments made for LUGA 2023 will not only make our city more attractive, but will also improve quality of life for both residents and visitors. This event is also sure to leave a lasting impression on people and to spark a new awareness of the importance of protecting the environment in urban areas."

Concept and venues of the horticultural exhibition

The event will be held from May to October 2023 at four main venues in Luxembourg City, namely: the Pétrusse Valley; the Municipal Park and Pescatore Park; the Clausen, Grund and Pfaffenthal districts; and the Kirchberg plateau. Unlike other similar events abroad, the event in Luxembourg City will generally be freely accessible, with the exception of certain closed events and areas.

The event will be organised around four main themes

  • Nature and society: Municipal Park and Pescatore Park
    Project for involving the city's residents in planting crops through a volunteer scheme , promotion of community gardens, events related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, school gardens, dynamic lighting
  • Pure nature: Pétrusse Valley
    Land restoration in the Pétrusse, Valley, biodiversity and ecology, beautifying of spaces around the major boulevards, animal well-being, water use; ornamentation and modernisation of the Aquatunnel lighting
  • Nature and culture: Clausen, Grund and Pfaffenthal districts
    Beautification of the fortress, nature events in the casemates – Florematten, vertical ornamentation of historic bridges, Mansfeld – special events, musical installations, events centred around the theme of roses, lighting by renewable energy sources
  • Nature and urban development: Kirchberg plateau
    Arboretums, seeds, urban greening, vertical greening and technologies of the future, greenery for roofs and interior courtyards

Development of projects through a collaborative process

The horticultural expo is to be organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development (Ministère de l'Agriculture, de la Viticulture et du Développement rural) and the City of Luxembourg, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism (Ministère du Tourisme), Ministry of Culture (Ministère de la Culture), Inspectorate of Finance (Inspection Générale des Finances) and the Fédération Horticole Luxembourgeoise.

A non-profit association has been created among these parties to handle the organisation of the event; it will be dissolved in 2025.

Although the four main exhibition areas will be at the heart of the expo, other initiatives throughout the city's districts and even across the country may be added to the LUGA 2023 programme as part of a collaborative process. Accordingly, a call for participation targeting more than 200 interested associations will be launched in the autumn of 2019 with a view to organising workshops with potential project sponsors. Only projects taking place in the designated areas will be eligible for cofinancing based on the terms of a charter that is yet to be drawn up.

Regarding the official name of the horticultural expo, the organisers reiterate that a final name will be determined and unveiled to the general public at a later stage.

The City also wishes to draw attention to the fact that the restoration work in the Pétrusse Valley that has been announced by the City of Luxembourg will be carried out in two phases. The first phase, which was just voted on by the municipal council on 8 July 2019, is expected to be completed in time for the event in 2023.

The budget of LUGA 2023 ASBL is €10,000,000, which will be borne equally by the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, and the City of Luxembourg. This budget will fund the staff, administrative and operating costs of the non-profit association, the coordination of LUGA 2023 including signage, information desks, communication and public relations – and the cofinancing of the projects selected for the four exhbition areas outlined above. Sponsors will also contribute to covering the budgeted expenses.

Projects that are carried out in the Grand Duchy outside the four main areas and fall within the concept of LUGA 2023 will not be eligible to receive cofinancing, but they may be included in the official programme that is publicised.