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Project presentation

Jury comments

The project team is proposing a master plan for the Wunnquartier Stade development that focuses on non-motorised transport and creating a social melting pot. Working from the idea of a network of green areas, public squares, communal green spaces in individual residential islands and a variety of thoroughfares, the plan here is for a new neighbourhood that allows all its residents to have direct contact with nature. At the same time, it will be an open residential area that connects surrounding districts to one another.

The historical building of the barracks, which formerly housed the municipal fire brigade, will be preserved together with its partitions. This will be the site of a new neighbourhood meeting point and cultural centre. There are also plans for a new pavilion, centred around a town square and culture hub, while retail outlets can set up shop along the Route d'Arlon. This should form the heart of the new district. Along the Route d'Arlon there will be two large, mixed-used residential developments with apartments, commercial spaces for service providers and parking areas.

The residential islands will combine various building types, with one to two-storey terraced houses and four to seven-storey apartment blocks.

The project is largely convincing. The dimensions of the town square, the design of the hybrid structures along Route d'Arlon and the location of the school must be reviewed.


Team 352413

Urbaniste : Beiler François Fritsch | Architecture & urbanisme
Paysagiste : Agence Christophe Gautrand & Associés
Expert en mobilité : Transitec Ingénieurs-Conseils
Expert en énergie : Egis Bâtiments International + Jean Schmit Engineering
Programmiste urbain : Atelier PréAU



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