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The "Royal-Hamilius" project will be built on a plot of municipal land bounded by Boulevard Royal, Avenue Monterey, Rue Aldringen and Grand-rue. The project includes the "Place Hamilius" surface-level bus station, the "Aldringen" car park spread across three underground levels, and the "Centre Aldringen" shopping centre. The co-owned property at 49 Boulevard Royal is not part of the project. The site, located between the city centre's pedestrian zone and Boulevard Royal, is strategically located in the city centre.

Progress on the site

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Objectives and guiding principles for development of the site

As part of its plans to reorganise its bus lines and overall transport network, and after relocating its administrative offices, the municipal library and the "Bierger-Center", the City decided to rethink and redevelop the "Royal-Hamilius" plot of land, located at the very heart of the city.

The City identified the need for a project that is:

  • mixed-use, so as to create a multifunctional area bringing together shops (15,200 to 18,400 m²), services (1,000 to 1,500 m²), office space (8,000 to 12,000 m²), and housing (minimum 6,800 m²);
  • open to the city, with multiple access points and welcoming facades;
  • attractive, in order to highlight the city centre and be a jewel in the region's crown;
  • complementary to what already exists, in particular with respect to retail outlets;
  • of high architectural and urban-design quality, fitting into its surroundings, with a mix of buildings, public spaces, passages, recreation areas, etc.;
  • improving the quality of the urban space;
  • with a well-thought-out energy design.

All while considering:

  • the redevelopment of public transport – i.e. the relocation of transport infrastructure from Place Hamilius and Rue Aldringen to Boulevard Royal;
  • the extension of the city centre beyond Rue Aldringen to Boulevard Royal;
  • the extension of the pedestrian zone on Rue Aldringen and on Grand-rue and Avenue Monterey to Boulevard Royal.

The City wishes to create a mixed-use, multifunctional island right in the city centre, offering shops, services, offices and residences, integrating a public transport system and revitalised, high-quality public spaces.

This project is part of the City's broader urban development programme, which pursues the following objectives:

  • developing existing areas before developing outwards (Innenentwicklung vor Aussenentwicklung);
  • enhancing the city centre and cementing its position as a commercial centre with regard to its surrounding areas and neighbouring foreign cities;
  • promoting public transport while ensuring accessibility by car;
  • promoting urban habitats
  • maintaining and/or reinforcing the Ville-Haute district as a location for banks, insurance companies, services, freelance professionals, shops, etc.

To this end, Luxembourg City launched an architectural design contest for the "Royal-Hamilius" project, and in 2014, the long-term lease was approved by the municipal council. With its housing, offices, shops, services, restaurants and cafés, "Royal-Hamilius" will enhance the capital's appeal.

Place Hamilius will undergo sweeping changes. In a place where people under 40 years old have known only the bus station and the Hamilius Centre, a brand-new building complex will be built. It will comprise shops (including a shopping centre and supermarket), residences, offices, and a public plaza. The goal is to revitalise the city centre and increase its ability to attract visitors. Its accessibility by public transport and its proximity to the main arterial motorways will make the "Royal-Hamilius" project the new gateway to the Ville-Haute neighbourhood.

This gargantuan project was awarded to the developer Codic, which has coordinated the works from the beginning.

Consultation process on design, construction and use

In order to turn these objectives and guiding principles into projects, the City launched a Europe-wide consultation process for the design, construction and use of the "Royal-Hamilius" plot of land in Luxembourg City: a procedure that culminated with a call for tenders in late November 2009. This consultation process was aimed specifically at multidisciplinary teams composed of "investor developers" who could combine the services and skills of an architect and a business operator for the commercial spaces.

Winning project

On 25 and 26 October 2010, the Commission unanimously chose the project submitted by the following team:

  • Investor-developer: Codic International SA (LU)
  • Business operator, commercial ventures: Jones Lang LaSalle SECS (limited partnership) (LU)
  • Architect: Foster and Partners (GB) – Tetra Kayser Paul et associés (LU)

The winning project took account of the necessary changes to public transport (its relocation from Place Hamilius and Rue Aldringen to Boulevard Royal) and the planned extension of the pedestrian zone to Boulevard Royal, of Grand-rue and of Avenue Monterey, as well as the planned pedestrian development for Rue Aldringen, and proposed:

  • clearing the space between the Hôtel des Postes and Boulevard Royal;
  • in addition to the pedestrian zones, the creation of public spaces in the form of high-quality plazas (in front of the Hôtel des Postes as well as roof gardens) integrated into the existing and future networks of the city;
  • a strong landmark identity;
  • creation of an attraction for the city (to tourists, among others);
  • flexibility as to its development and over time;
  • sustainable and ecological development;
  • housing that connects with the city through the public space;
  • the creation of retail areas and quality office space right in the city centre.

All while providing:

  • a clear and logical structure;
  • distinct functional units;
  • an attractive commercial concept that complements the existing offerings.

Key figures

Gross surface area: approx. 36,000 m² (partially below ground level)

  • shops: approx. 16,000 m²
  • services: approx. 1,000 m²
  • HORECA (hotel, restaurant and catering): approx. 1,300 m²
  • offices: approx. 10,200 m²
  • housing: approx. 7,500 m²

Galeries Lafayette

Located in the heart of the Royal-Hamilius urban development project, designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect Norman Foster and his firm Foster & Partners, this new 9,000 m² Galeries Lafayette store will open in late 2019.

Galeries Lafayette will benefit from a central, six-storey location within an audacious and innovative complex combining shops, services, offices and housing. A terrace with a panoramic view on the sixth floor will also help make this place a key destination in this new bustling new space at the heart of Luxembourg City.

We are pleased to welcome Galeries Lafayette – a prestigious and iconic name – to Luxembourg. As mayor, I am delighted by this wonderful news. The Galeries Lafayette will bring real added value to the Royal-Hamilius project and to the city's commercial sector in general. I am sure that this will attract new business and will also benefit the many other stores in the city centre. The diversification of brands and proliferation of available products and services is particularly important: this is the driving force behind a city that is lively and appeals both to visitors and to customers.

The "Royal-Hamilius" project marketing mix includes:

  • a department store (Galeries Lafayette);
  • a hypermarket (Delhaize); and
  • a big-box store (FNAC): a space devoted to multimedia, leisure and literature.

Alongside these three well-known brands, there will also be a range of other shops and catering facilities. In addition, this mixed-use development would not be complete without offices and housing as well.

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