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Project description

The City is carrying out redevelopment works in Merl – specifically on Rue de Merl, Boulevard Marcel Cahen and Rue Charles Martel. These works are being done in cooperation with:

  • VDL – Service Voirie (Roads Department): Development of crossings for people with reduced mobility (PRM) at the corner of Rue de Merl and Rue de la Barrière.
  • VDL – Service Eaux (Water Department): Complete replacement of the principal water mains and replacement of home utility connections. Installation of a DN 200 transport pipe.
  • Service Canalisation (Sewer Department): Replacement of the wastewater and rainwater drains, and of connections to houses.
  • VDL – Service Eclairage public (Public Lighting Department): Replacement of public lighting.
  • VDL – Service Circulation (Traffic Department): Enhancement of the existing network at the corner of Rue de Merl and Rue de la Barrière.
  • VDL – Service TIC (ICT Department – network and communications): Renewal and expansion of the fibre-optic network with Hotcity. Refit meter cabinets to bring them up to code.
  • Creos Luxembourg SA Électricité: Replacement of the electrical cables in the pavement as well as certain connections to houses. Extension of a multi-cable electrical conduit on Rue de la Barrière towards Rue Hollerich.
  • Creos Luxembourg SA Gaz: Replacement of gas lines and connection of houses to the new lines on Rue Marcel Cahen and Rue de Merl.
  • Post Luxembourg: Replacement of old cables with optical fibre and replacement of connections to houses.

Construction schedule

Commencement of work: 22 May 2018 

Planned duration: 300 working days

Planned completion: end of 2019

Traffic information

What is the current traffic situation?

For vehicular traffic:

The affected sections will be closed off to traffic, one by one, as the project progresses. At all times, a 3.5-metre passage will remain open to cars. Rue de Merl has been reopened to two-way traffic. However, Boulevard Marcel Cahen remains a one-way street until May.

Vehicular access to private property will be maintained as long as physically possible. A diversion for cyclists will be put in place by the Service Circulation. Pedestrian access and access for emergency services will be guaranteed throughout the duration of the works.

For businesses and deliveries:

The City will try to ensure access for deliveries to local businesses throughout the duration of the works.

For public transport users:

Line 15 is now serving all stops once again.

Progress to date

Project update:

Construction will begin on 22 May 2018.

How long will the work take?

Planned completion: end of 2019

What work has already been completed?

A large portion of the work has been completed. The section between the roundabout and Rue Charles Martel has been completed, as has all the sewer work and work for the construction of the medium- and high-voltage multi-cable conduit.

What remains to be done?

On Boulevard Marcel Cahen, the work for the dry utility networks in the pavement. On the section between the roundabout and Rue de la Barrière, the water mains and dry utility networks still remain to be laid. This will be followed by the repair and reconstruction of traffic islands and the final repair of the affected roadways.

Your home utility connections

  • As part of the construction project, City representatives and private contractors will visit residents' homes
  • to assess the condition of their existing connections.
  • If you wish to have your existing connections replaced, please inform the City representatives during this on-site inspection.

If you experience any problems with your gas, water or communications networks, please call the numbers below, which are available 24/7:

  • Service Eaux – Tel: 4796-2883
  • Creos Électricité – Tel: 8002-9900
  • Creos Gaz – Tel: 8007-3001
  • Post Luxembourg – Tel: 8002-8004
  • Eltrona – Tel: 499 466 888

Stay informed

To make life easier for residents while these works are being carried out, the City has implemented a series of measures, including the option to participate in site meetings. Residents affected by the works may participate in these meetings to obtain additional information about the project's progress and present any complaints they may have.

Weekly site meetings

Every Monday at 10:00 at the site.

Contacts for this work site


VDL – Service Coordination des chantiers

Serge Courte


VDL – Service Eaux

Jos Meyer


VDL – Service TIC

Patrick Antunes


VDL – Service Circulation

Marc Schumacher


VDL – Service Eclairage public

Daniel Perrard


VDL – Service Voirie

Bob Bremer


VDL – Service Canalisation

Gilles Biskup


VDL – Construction mediators


Creos Luxembourg Gaz

Gilles Garganese


Creos Luxembourg Electricité

André Degraux


POST Télécommunication

Bureau Technique (Technical Office)


the department

Contact details

20-22, rue des bains
L-1212 Luxembourg

Opening hours



Contact details

3, rue du Laboratoire
L1911 Luxembourg

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