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Project description

Creos Électricité, in cooperation with the City, is carrying out infrastructure work in Kirchberg on Rue des Cigales and Val des Bons Malades. The following departments are involved in this collaborative effort:

  • VDL – Service Voirie (Roads Department): Redevelopment of the pedestrian crossings and bus stops on Rue des Cigales and Val des Bons Malades.
  • VDL – Service Eaux (Water Department): Replacement of water mains. Connection of houses to the new mains.
  • VDL – Service Eclairage public (Public Lighting Department): Replacement of public lighting.
  • VDL – Service TIC (ICT Department): Installation of a fibre-optic network with Hotcity posts.
  • Creos Luxembourg SA Électricité: Replacement of the electrical cables in the pavements and the connections to houses.
  • Creos Luxembourg SA Gaz: Replacement of gas mains. Connection of houses to the new mains.
  • Post Luxembourg: Replacement and enhancement of the network on Rue des Cigales.

Works schedule

Commencement of work: April 2018

Planned duration: 450 working days

Planned completion: July 2020

Traffic information

What is the current traffic situation?

For vehicular traffic:

The streets affected by the construction will be successively closed off to traffic as the project progresses. However, a 3-metre wide passage for vehicles will be guaranteed at all times for local residents and emergency services. Traffic will also be regulated by three-colour traffic lights throughout the duration of the works. Vehicular access to private properties will be maintained as long as physically possible. However, pedestrian access will be guaranteed throughout the duration of the works.

For businesses and deliveries:

The City will try to ensure access for deliveries to local businesses throughout the duration of the works.

For public transport users:

No changes. Routes will remain unaffected.

As construction progresses, the traffic constrictions will change.

Progress to date

Project update:

Construction will begin around April 2018.

How long will the work take?

Planned completion: summer 2020.

What work has already been completed?

Work will begin within the next month.

What remains to be done?

Work will begin with the installation of temporary water and gas mains, and connections to houses. Next, the contractor will install and connect new water and gas mains. After that, dry utility networks will be installed in the pavement. The superstructure work, which will also include the renewal of pedestrian crossings and bus stops, will be done during the last phase of construction.

During the first phase of this project, work will begin at the intersection of Rue de la Lavande and Val des Bons Malades, up to No. 197 on Val des Bons Malades. During the second phase of the project, work will begin on Rue des Cigales, and during the third and last phase, work will focus on Val des Bons Malades, between Nos. 197 and 243.

Contacts for this work site


Creos Luxembourg Électricité

André Degraux


Creos Luxembourg Gaz

Gilles Garganese


VDL – Service Eaux

Jos Meyer


VDL – Service TIC

André Wagner


VDL – Service Éclairage public

Daniel Perrard


VDL – Service Voirie

Laurent Ley


VDL – Construction mediators


Post Luxembourg

Bureau Technique (Technical Office)