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Project description

Once the redevelopment work is complete, Place de Paris will hold weekly markets, local festivals and cultural events, and be an area where people can take a leisurely walk, ride their bikes, or simply sit down and relax on a bench, under a tree, or near the water feature.

A three-phase project

The works will be performed in three successive phases. In order to keep disruption to a minimum, and ensure that traffic keeps flowing along Avenue de la Liberté and the surrounding streets, they will be carried out non-stop on working days (except for exceptional circumstances).

Phase 1: works on underground networks

During the first phase, underground cabinets to house new technical equipment will be built, and underground networks will be strengthened and upgraded.
These works, which will be performed on the central part of the square, will last until November 2020. Restaurants and cafés may set up terraces around the edge of the square.

Phase 2: roadworks and work on the utility networks

During this phase, roadworks (laying natural stone, levelling, etc.) will be performed while work on the utility networks is being completed.
The square and the surrounding roads will be affected by these works, which are scheduled to be carried out between November 2020 and March 2021.

Phase 3: roadworks

The final phase, which is scheduled to last until June/July 2021, involves performing works on the roads surrounding the square. During this phase, the site will be organised in a way that allows restaurants and cafés to set up their terraces on the central part of the square.

Works schedule

Commencement of works: June 2020

Planned completion: summer 2021

Traffic information

Local residents will still be allowed access while the works are taking place, and access for deliveries will be adapted when necessary. Vehicular traffic will be coordinated in close cooperation with the City's Service Circulation (Traffic Department), which will ensure proper signage is provided to inform road users.

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