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Project description

The City is currently renovating the Neipperg car park. This project aims to give new life to this facility (built in 1983) by making it more welcoming and safer for all users. Along with the renovation of its interior, the building will be given a new facade. What is more, a brasserie will be opened on site. In order to make the use of the car park more pleasant and practical for users, all technical installations and signage will be reviewed and adapted to comply with modern standards.

Guided parking system inside the car park and new graphic charter

Alongside the city's parking guidance system, which helps drivers find car parks with available spaces, the Neipperg car park will be the first in the City to be equipped with a dynamic parking guidance system inside the building. Signs will display the number of available spaces on each level, and green and red lights installed above each parking space will make it easier to find available spaces. This guidance system, which will considerably improve the user experience, will then progressively be installed in all of the City's car parks.

The new graphic charter designed specifically for Luxembourg City's car parks will be implemented for the first time in the Neipperg car park. It will include level numbers, colours, and  characteristic symbols of the neighbourhood, which will help orient users.

A new system of barriers, exit booths and access control will also be installed, facilitating overall management of the car park.

Improved accessibility

Currently, the car park has two pedestrian entrances on Rue du Fort Neipperg. These entrances will be kept and renovated to comply with modern standards. A third pedestrian entrance will be added on Rue du Chemin de Fer to provide improved access to Bonnevoie. Both elevators will be replaced and enlarged, and will now serve all levels, while the stairwells will be restructured to improve foot traffic in the building. Vehicular access will not change:  cars will enter from Rue du Fort Neipperg and exit onto Rue du Chemin de Fer.

Toilets for the car park's customers will be located on the ground level.

Modern facade with slats

With regard to the existing structure, all the concrete in the walls, columns and floors, which has been weathered and damaged by road salt over the years, will be cleaned. The washed concrete facade, which no longer provides optimal protection in the event of impact, will be replaced with a structure able to absorb accidental bumps, as well as with a facade of aluminium slats. Not only will the new facade give the building a more modern appearance, but it will also improve security within the building by making it more open, providing better light and ensuring that users on the inside remain visible from the outside.

A car park for everyone

The car park, spread over 19 half-levels (of which 13 will be above ground and 6 will be underground), will include a total of 677 parking spaces after the renovation, including 147 spaces of at least 2.5 metres in width.

In additional to the usual parking spaces, certain special spaces will be created in the Neipperg car park. For example, 20 spaces for electric vehicles have been planned, in order to promote electric mobility in the city by creating charging stations. In addition, 13 parking spaces will be reserved for women:  due to their proximity to the entrances and exits, these spaces will give women travelling on their own a better sense of security. 12 spaces for persons with reduced mobility will be created. These spaces will be 3.50 metres wide to make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

In order to promote active travel, an area will be specifically reserved for bicycle parking on the ground level. Equipped with racks that can hold 40 bicycles, this area will allow cyclists to securely park their bicycles, in a spot that is sheltered from the weather.

Lastly, the traffic flow on the ground level will be adapted to keep pedestrian paths from crossing car lanes, improving safety all round.

New brasserie in the Neipperg car park

A food-serving area with toilets for customers will be installed on the ground level on the Rue du Fort Neipperg side of the building:  the brasserie will have a total capacity of 49 seated places (a central section with 31 seats and a "bar" with 18 seats). Natural construction materials (such as wood) will be used as much as possible to guarantee a modern feel, and photovoltaic cells on the roof will heat the brasserie's water, reducing energy consumption.

Cost of the project

Detailed estimate for the final project (car park and brasserie): €21,098,680.09 including tax (approved by the municipal council on 17 October 2016)

Construction schedule

Commencement of work: March 2018

Planned duration: 18 months

Planned completion: September 2019

Traffic information

Public transport and other car parks in the Gare district

The renovation works will require the car park to be entirely closed to the public.

However, other car parks in the Gare district will remain available, including:

  • the Rocade car park located behind Luxembourg Central Station (250 spaces)
  • the Martyrs car park located on Avenue de la Liberté (250 spaces);
  • the Fort Wedell car park, located next to Place de Strasbourg (310 spaces);
  • the Nobilis car park, located on Rue du Fort Neipperg (90 spaces)
  • the Plaza Liberty car park, located on Rue Joseph Junck (100 spaces)
  • the Gare-CFL car park (603 spaces).

Furthermore, the City recommends that residents and visitors use public transport to reach the Gare district, which is served by numerous national and international trains and bus lines.

Progress to date

What work has already been completed?

The main building structure and envelope have been completed. The screed has also been completed on the 12th floor of the car park.

What remains to be done?

The screed on the 11th floor and the flooring in the underground area still remain to be completed. Lastly, the contractor will carry out the paving work.

Information for residents

Prior to the closure of the car park, subscription users of the Neipperg car park were warned and substitute parking spaces were offered to the users in question.

The City carried out an information campaign to make the neighbourhood's residents and users of the car park aware of the planned renovation works. Signage has been installed at the entrance and exit and inside the Neipperg car park, and an informational flyer will soon be available at all stores in the Gare district.

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