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Sports and Disability in Action Day

An awareness-raising day will take place in Ville-Haute. The various associations working in the field of special needs will be manning stands and offering a variety of demonstrations and workshops: assistance dog demonstrations by RAHNA, Cyclo–Danse (para dancing), dance, workshops and demos by the Multi-(Handi)sport group, Luxembourg Majorettes, Sign-Mob, Music by Jean Ziata, wheelchair basketball workshop, demonstrations of various means of getting around for sport and leisure purposes.

When and where:

18 May 2019 from 8:00 to 19:00
At Place d'Armes – Luxembourg

Third "Roll & Run"

Luxembourg City is hosting the third "Roll & Run" as part of the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg and in partnership with step by step, the organisers, Back to Sport, various interested parties and representatives from disability-related associations. 

In addition to participating in "Roll & Run", you can:

  • help set up an accessible area
  • help manage an activity or stand
  • volunteer all along the route

Dates, times and locations

1 June 2019 from 17:00 to 23:00 in Luxembourg – Limpertsberg (Glacis)
Race starts at 18:10
Followed by the "After Roll & Run Party" at Glacis

Participation and registration

Five "Runs" may participate for each "Roll". Participants can sign up to do the entire distance (8.6 km) or half the distance (4.3 km). Please note that spaces are limited. 

The race is open to anyone who cannot take part in the other races due to race restrictions (e.g. no wheels permitted), subject to availability. Participants may not compete on bicycles, roller blades, handbikes, electric wheelchairs or anything else with an electric motor.

Entry fee: €5 per participant. Proceeds are donated to the Luxembourg Paralympic Committee.

TransArdenne Biking Heroes 2019

Team-based disabled/inclusive sport challenge

A sporting event for people with and without disabilities – organised by Back To Sport and Cap2Sports.

Back To Sport and Cap2Sports – the two non-profits promoting disabled sports at the rehabilitation centres at Luxembourg's Rehazenter and the University Hospital in Liège – have joined forces to put on a sporting event that is totally unique in the Benelux region: the TransArdenne Biking Heroes Challenge.


  • Novelty / innovative concept
  • Diversity / through inclusion
  • Pushing oneself beyond one's limits
  • Solidarity


  • To promote sport in general, in particular endurance sports for the disabled
  • To bring PRMs and able-bodied athletes together in the same sporting event
  • To raise public awareness of PRMs' physical and sporting capabilities, and of the difficulties they face in their daily lives

The TransArdenne Biking Heroes Challenge is a team-based disabled and inclusive sports challenge in which persons with reduced mobility (PRMs) cycle a course from Esneux to Luxembourg. It brings together people with and without disabilities in the same event. It therefore requires a high level of physical fitness, which is key to taking up the Challenge as a team.

TransArdenne Biking Heroes is a team-based cycling road race that starts in Esneux on 30 May 2019 and ends on 1 June 2019 in Luxembourg at the Rehazenter. Each day, participants complete a separate stage of the course. The event is open to up to 200 participants, in teams of 3-4 cyclists.
Teams must be made up of 2 able-bodied cyclists and 1 or 2 riders with reduced mobility. The route is 220 km long, though contestants may choose a shorter route of around 156 km. All participants must bring their own bikes. At the start, each team is given a numbered bib, an electronic chip and a roadmap with the itinerary.
For each stage of the race, teams must locate 20 control points along the route. As each control point counts for 5 points, each team can score up to 100 points per day. The control points are located in the villages along the route. They are accessible to all bikes and handbikes, and are clearly visible.

The TransArdenne race is timed to end at around the same time as the Roll & Run race, and after the races a party will be held for all of the participants as part of the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg celebrations.

Contact details

Luxembourg City Hall

13, rue Notre-Dame
L-2240 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–12:00 and 14:00–16:00, or by appointment

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