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Benefit concert organised by "Mir-Hëllefen"

Mier Hëllefen was founded in 2014 and provides support to people suffering from rare conditions, as well as people living with disabilities. The funds raised at events organised by this association are directly redistributed to people and institutions in the form of outings, trips and much-needed equipment.

In the first half of the show, Uespelter Musék will play Samuel R. Hazo's "Enchanted Spaces", Otto M. Schwarz's "Nostradamus", Hans Zimmer and John Powell's "Kung Fu Panda", Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Murray Gold's "I Am the Doctor". In the second half of the show, the Harmonie Municipale of Mondorf-les-Bains will play Maurice White's "In the Stone", Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture", John Williams's "The Cowboys", Claude François's "My Way" and Jacques Morali's "Y.M.C.A".

"Inclusion" Gala

Art and culture without barriers

At the fifth Inclusion Gala, held as part of the Luxembourg City's Awareness Weeks, art and culture will come together in an evening celebrating inclusion and diversity. This event at the Luxembourg City Music Conservatoire will feature music, dance, theatre and poetry by outstanding performers.

After the performance, Luxembourg City will host a reception with special needs workshops: (APEMH, Autisme Luxembourg, Ligue-HMC, Op der Schock, Tricentenaire, Yolande-Coop).

Performing this year:

Collectif Dadofonic – Good news! We have managed to book the Dadofonic Collective's spectacular magic troupe. For many years now, this Ligue HMC theatre group has thrilled spectators with outstanding productions that are both charming and sincere. This year, their surprise production promises to be no exception!

Dreamteam T21 – Danse Ensemble, an inclusive, Luxembourg-based dance troupe formed in 2016 for a dance performance on 21 March 2016 (World Down Syndrome Day) in partnership with Trisomie 21 Lëtzebuerg ASBL with Sylvia Camarda, a world-renowned dancer and choreographer. Dancers living with and without disabilities experience the joy of dancing on stage and share it with the rest of the world. Through public performance, away from the sheltered workshops and the "world of the disabled", the dancers take on the roles that they deserve in life, at home, in school, at work and in society, as they perform centre stage!
Choreography and rehearsals: Aifric Ni Chaoimh, Fabienne Theisen, Sandra Beck
Dansers: Laurent Blitgen, Lynn Bodeux, Pauline Brasseur, Binh Lam, Ben Streveler, Claude Weyland, Romain Witry, Catalina Wolff, Kyra Wotipka, Xena Wotipka, Noa Wagener, David Ruch Li, Claudio Navalhaes, Jessie Anzia and friends.

Jean Ziata, a blind singer who is a celebrity both among the disabled community and beyond, has kindly consented to grace our stage once again. His accordion and guitar are as much a part of him as the air he breathes. Jean, a blind performer of African descent, grew up in Luxembourg and draws on an extraordinary repertoire.

LËTZ’ ROLLIDANZ is a chapter of the Amicale sportive des handicapés physiques Luxembourg (ASPHL, Luxembourg Sports Club for People with Disabilities). This organisation supports people with disabilities by providing them with the opportunity to participate in accessible sports, including para dancing. On the initiative of the Luxembourg Paralympic Committee, para dancing was presented for the first time in 2014 at Luxembourg City's Action and Sports Day, and a number of people quickly came forward to express their interest.
Training began in September of that year, under the supervision of Ms Peggy Octave.
Classes are now held every Wednesday, except during school holidays, from 18:15 to 19:45, at the Omnisport Hall in Luxembourg-Hamm. The main focus is on ballroom dancing – Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Cha Cha, Jive, Rumba, etc. – in so-called combi couples, that is, with one person in a wheelchair and one able-bodied person. At the moment, there are around 20 people who greatly enjoy practising this sport every week. Aside from training, the dancers take part in events 4 or 5 times a year, offering workshops which are open to one and all. Information at 621 267 016 or on the Lëtz' Rollidanz Facebook page.
This year, they took the plunge for the first time, showing off a few of their choreographed routines on stage. We are delighted to have these talented dancers perform for us at our fifth Inclusion Gala, displaying their skill and grace on our stage.

"Looss alles eraus" - Dance and rap as a form of therapy
"Looss alles eraus" is a joint project of the EME Foundation, the Rockhal Rocklab and the Robert Schuman Hospitals. It seeks to help young people channel their creativity into rap lyrics and dance. The project involves 20 or so youths between 12 and 18 with alcohol and drug addictions, eating disorders (anorexia and obesity), emotional instability, personality disorders and depression.
With the guidance of dancer Sylvia Camarda, rapper David Galassi and producer Céhashi, these young people learn to give free rein to the emotions and thoughts that music provokes in them.
The workshops, which started in November 2018, are an excellent opportunity to introduce young people to music and its power, and consequently expand their horizons.
Facilitators: dancer Sylvia Camarda, rapper David Galassi, beatmaker & producer Céhashi
Organiser: EME Foundation
EME Foundation: Recognised as being of public interest and funded exclusively by private donations, the EME Foundation was set up in January 2009 and seeks, through music, to convey joy and happiness to those who are ill, experiencing difficulties and often excluded from cultural life in Luxembourg. In 2018, the foundation staged over 600 events, delighting some 15,000 spectators from over 250 institutions throughout Luxembourg. To visit their website, click here.

The Luxembourg Majorettes are a dance and music troupe with over 50 members, 10 of whom live with disabilities. This shining example of social inclusion demonstrates how we are all stronger when we work as a team. Everyone enjoys making music and dancing together. Everyone is equal, and we can all learn from one another – that is the motto of the Luxembourg Majorettes, where nobody is left behind. Discover the joie de vivre of this close-knit group of performers.

Fräncki Friederich, an actor, writer and juggler from the Dadofonic Collective, and Madeleine Kayser, Luxembourg City's disability liaison officer, will host this special evening.

After the performances, Luxembourg City invites you to a magnificent reception organised in collaboration with several special needs associations. Interactions with the performers, delicious finger food and festivities are on the agenda to round off the evening.

Entry is free

7 June 2019 from 19:00 to 23:00

Luxembourg City Conservatoire
33, Rue Charles Martel

The concert will be broadcast live on our website. The link will be posted in advance.

Interpreting into English, French and German Sign Language, and audio description, available on request.

Space is limited, so please let us know if you wish to attend this event. If you would like an interpreter, please register by 31 May 2019.

Information and reservations:

  • Tel.: 4796-4215 or
  • or at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office 30, Place Guillaume II, Monday–Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00 and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00,
  • or at Luxembourg-Ticket, Rond-Point Schuman, Monday–Friday from 10:00 to 18:30
    or online at

"Sangen ALS Challenge" benefit concert

On Wednesday, 12 June 2019 at 20:00, the third "Sangen ALS Challenge" benefit concert will take place in the grand auditorium of the Luxembourg City Conservatoire.

ALS – also known as Motor Neurone Disease – is an incurable neuro-muscular degenerative condition. The world-renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who left us in 2018, suffered from the disease for over half a century. The condition causes progressive paralysis of all muscles in the body, and those affected are left dependent on external support for the rest of their lives.
Entry is free, but during the break and after the concert, donations will be collected for "Wäertvollt Liewen". This Luxembourg association helps people suffering from ALS and similar conditions.

At this concert, a number of singing groups, choirs, musicians and vocal soloists will perform a stirring repertoire to show solidarity with patients suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Participants this year include:

  • Esch Conservatoire Youth Choir (under the baton of Isabelle Braun-Dominicy);
  • the choir "Les amis du Chant" (led by François Theis);
  • a small singing ensemble headed by Sylvie Serra-Jacobs;
  • Paul Mootz (marimba);
  • Magali Weber (mezzo-soprano);
  • Noémie Desquiotz-Sunnen (soprano) who, herself, has been diagnosed with ALS.

Myriam Sunnen, Noémie's sister, is returning this year to serve as mistress of ceremonies.

The City of Luxembourg will be hosting a reception during the break.


Show produced by the English Touring Opera, for people with disabilities.

"First day at school should be exciting and fun. But what happens if you turn up at a school that's run by a mythical monster? Especially one who hates the very thing that you love – birds! Find out what happens when a boy and girl discover an injured waxwing and try to make it fly again."

This year, the EME Foundation is proud to present "Birdwatching": the latest in a series of productions by the English Touring Opera for audiences with special educational needs and disabilities. The performances are interactive and multi-sensory; the experience is designed to stimulate and engage young people with many different and complex needs.
The opera features beautiful new music created by Clive and Mark Ives, of the celebrated ensemble Woo Music. Audience members will be invited sing and act on stage alongside the performers.
Expect to meet some very special characters. Who knows, maybe at the end we will all spread our wings and fly away!

Over three days, over 300 children and adults with special needs will have an opportunity to participate in these fantastic, interactive performances. The show will be performed three or four times per day between 26 and 28 June 2019 at the Espace Découverte of the Philharmonie.

This show is aimed at
All organisations for people with disabilities in Luxembourg are invited to participate.
In 2018, 380 people attended this three-day event at the Philharmonie. Divided into audiences of no more than 40 people, the nine shows performed over the three days were completely sold out.

A show by
Tim Yealland (director), Clive and Mark Ives (composers), Emily Kyte (singer), Zachary Neal (singer), Lilo Evans (singer)

Contact details

Luxembourg City Hall

13, rue Notre-Dame
L-2240 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–12:00 and 14:00–16:00, or by appointment

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