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Urban information system

Luxembourg City's geoportal uses a range of custom, interactive tools to provide all sorts information about the city. These tools can be easily personalised by users. It is geared mainly toward Luxembourg City residents and visitors.

Information provided

  • Statistical data on Luxembourg City's 24 urban districts
  • Base map updates and information integration is carried out by the relevant departments
  • Aerial photographs taken at different times, giving a clear view of local urban development between 2004 and 2016 (users may choose different map backgrounds from the MAPS menu in the navigation tools)
  • A vast range of points of interest (POI), categorised by the relevant departments and partners. Different topics, such as "Living in the city", "Visiting the city", "Transport", "Environment", etc., are grouped to match the sections on the official website:
  • View of the bus networks and real-time departure times by bus line, stop and direction.
  • Bike paths, locations of bike share stations and bike parking docks.
  • Rooftop solar mapping tool: interactive view of the photovoltaic potential of building roofs and calculation of the financial viability of installing solar panels; users search for a specific address and check to see if the roof surface is suited for solar panels.


  • The Meet a friend! feature lets users select a spot on the map to meet up, and then send this information to friends via email with a personal message. These friends can then view the meeting spot on the interactive map.
  • Graphics tools allow users to create their own sketches (surfaces, lines, circles, text, etc.). Users can save and reuse these sketches any time, and send them to other people. The site also lets users measure combined lengths or distances.

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Contact details

3, rue du Laboratoire
L-1911 Luxembourg

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8:00–12:00 and 13:30–17:00