At a glance

Born on 15 August 1959, in Lisbon, Portugal
Resident of Luxembourg City (Beggen)
1 child

Rue Cyprien Merjai, L-2145 Luxembourg
T: +352 691 828 237

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Education and experience


  • Psychology (Universidade Clássica de Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Advanced Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring (The OCM, UK)
  • Studied Process-Oriented Psychology (Process Work Institute, USA)


  • Civil servant at the European Commission (since 1986) in multiple roles (translator, reviewer, manager, trade unionist, elected staff representative, coach, change management facilitator)


  • Member of the Municipal Advisory Committee for Integration
  • Candidate for Déi Gréng in the 2011 and 2017 municipal elections
  • Member of Déi Gréng, Advisory Committee
    • Social action, health, seniors
    • Disputes, settlements and security
    • Grants

Other activities

  • Member of the University of Luxembourg Choir
  • Member of the Bossuet Gaveliers Toastmaster Club
  • Member of ECA/EMCC Luxembourg
  • Member of the Cercle culturel des communautés européennes music club
  • Member of the LUXX EU women's network

Leisure and recreation

  • Painting large artwork. Reading fiction. Writing a diary. Walking in the forest. Sleeping.