The role of the Municipal Advisory Committee for Integration (Commission consultative communale d’intégration – CCCI) is to advise and, where necessary, assist the municipal authorities. It issues assessments on ongoing cases, and can propose actions or projects to the College of Aldermen on any topic relating to social cohesion.

In 2018, the committee members issued a statement on their view of the committee’s role. They highlighted four aspects that they felt were crucial:

  1. The values fostered by integration – namely tolerance, trust, respect and open-mindedness.
  2. The emotional aspect involved in the integration process, which brings about a feeling of happiness in being together, a sense of well-being, of being “at home”, a sense of sech wuel fillen, as Luxembourgers say
  3. The key role of civic participation.
  4. The notion of reciprocity inherent in the integration process, as epitomised by local interactions between neighbours or residents of an entire city district and intercultural exchanges to “develop a new model for social cohesion”, and the opportunity to “shape our community together”.


The CCCI works closely with the Service Intégration et besoins spécifiques (Integration and Special Needs Department) to implement concrete projects to promote social cohesion.

Examples of activities

  1. Public outreach to promote voter registration
  2. Proposals to improve the reception and integration of children from different backgrounds and cultures in schools
  3. Annual public awareness initiatives (e.g. “MusiqCITE”, intercultural, musical and civic events, seminars, stands, festivals, Rencontres sans frontières, etc.)
  4. Proposals for actions to be implemented and issues to be addressed in the Municipal Integration Plan