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The main advantages of this neighbourhood are

  • its proximity to major highways;
  • its proximity to Luxembourg Central Station;
  • its variety of shops in Cloche d’Or;
  • the immediate proximity of the future Ban de Gasperich; and
  • nearby recreational areas and green spaces thanks to the ponds and facilities in Kockelscheuer.

Geographic location

Gasperich has a surface area of 445.14 hectares and is located at the southern edge of the capital. It borders

  • Hollerich and the Gare district, to the north;
  • Bonnevoie-Sud to the east; and
  • Cessange to the west.


Number of residents

  • 6,465 as at 31/12/2018
  • Demographic weight: 5.12% of the population of Luxembourg City

Population growth

  • 2012: 5,203
  • 2013: 5,247
  • 2014: 5,325
  • 2015: 5,623
  • 2016: 5,699
  • 2017: 5,959
  • 2018: 6,465

Infrastructure for children


Gasperich schools
15, 17 and 19 Rue Verdi, L-2664 Luxembourg
46, Rue de Gasperich, L-1617 Luxembourg
8, Rue Giachino Rossini, L-2451 Luxembourg

President: Bianca Brück

Further information


15, Rue Giuseppe Verdi, L-2664 Luxembourg
60, Rue de Gasperich, L-1617 Luxembourg

Additional information

Other infrastructure

Culture, sports and leisure

  • Kockelscheuer: Minigolf, bowling green, ice skating rink, ponds
  • Gasperich Skatepark
  • 7 playgrounds
  • 2 pétanque greens
  • 2 multi-sport fields
  • Deportation memorial
  • Emile Bintner Stadium
  • Tennis Club Gasperich
  • 1 multi-use sports hall


  • 42 bus stops
  • Bus lines serving the area: 4, 18, 21, 23, 24, CN3
  • 5 vel'OH! stations
  • 14 above-ground car parks
  • 18 parking spaces for people with reduced mobility


  • Haus vun der Natur
  • Déierenasyl Gasperich (animal shelter)
  • Camp site
  • CLAE


Gasperich, part of the former municipality of Hollerich, became a part of Luxembourg City when the surrounding municipalities merged with the capital in 1920. During the Middle Ages, Gasperich was made up of a single farm. By 1806, the number of residents had increased to 98.

In 1869, a brickyard was established in Gasperich. This site was then purchased in 1921 by a tar plant, which operated from 1925 to 1983. The first school was built in 1904, and the church was consecrated in 1933. The construction of affordable housing led the population to rapidly increase.

Local interest groups

About this district...

Illustration de l'inauguration du château d'eau Ban de Gasperich

Ban de Gasperich water tower

Luxembourg City is undergoing rapid growth, and both the number of residents and the city’s working population are increasing steadily.

Inauguration des bornes de recharge pour véhicules électriques « Bei der Auer » à Gasperich

Electric vehicle charging stations

Chargy: Luxembourg’s network of publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

skate-park Gasperich

Gasperich Skatepark


Parc Ban de Gasperich

Gasperich: Public park development project – Ban de Gasperich

16.6 hectares of green space. The park will have a playground, grassy areas, a sports field, and much more!


Gasperich: Rue Christophe Plantin, Rue François Hogenberg and Rue Père Raphaël

Infrastructure work until 2020.

Internet and ICT training

Training course (20–40 hours) in which participants gain the knowledge and skills they need to use information and communications technology (ICT) mindfully and...

Kockelscheuer Ice Rink

The Kockelscheuer Ice Rink is open to the public from 15 September to 30 April.

Kermesses de quartier

Neighbourhood fairs

These neighbourhood fairs provide a friendly atmosphere where people can meet and socialise.

outdoor fitness

Outdoor gym

Exercise in the open air with fun-to-use, high-quality equipment designed for a comprehensive workout. The equipment is suitable for people of all fitness level...

aire de jeux thématique


Public playgrounds, themed playgrounds and school yards. A hotline is available for reporting damage or other issues.

aire de jeux Kaltreis

Youth centres and clubs

Nine youth centres and clubs are located throughout the city.