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Civic engagement: May 2018 – February 2020

Project completion date: scheduled for 2021

Description of the issue/project

Due to the extension of the tram line, Place de Paris needs to be redeveloped.

The works are being carried out after having engaged with local residents and taking their proposals and suggestions on board.

As such, the project includes the following:

  • Raising the level of the entire square, with the exception of the two adjacent streets – Avenue de la Liberté and Rue Origer – for which, in accordance with their status within the national road network, a kerb between the roadway and the pavement/square will be maintained
  • Gentle slopes instead of steps
  • Closing off the single-vehicle thoroughfare from Rue du Fort Bourbon to Avenue de la Liberté: The entire space will be transformed into a pedestrian area and raised to the level of the square; it may also include access for municipal and emergency-response vehicles.
  • Closing off the single-vehicle thoroughfare from Rue d'Anvers directly from Avenue de la Liberté: this section of road will be level with the square and a pedestrian area, and will only be open to municipal and emergency-response vehicles. From Avenue de la Liberté, Rue d'Anvers can now be accessed via Rue Dicks, then Rue Ste Zithe. Accordingly, the direction of traffic in Rue Dicks and Rue Ste Zithe will be reversed.

Details of the measures:

  • High-quality surfacing in a light, discreet colour
  • A row of 18 new trees parallel to the facades
  • Dry fountains on the north-eastern side of the square as ornamental and recreational features: Sources of amusement for children and a special acoustic setting
  • Various amenities, in response to requests put forward during the civic engagement process: A vél’Oh! station, public toilets, bike racks, seating, rubbish bins, a public bookcase, etc., all in a discreet and consistent colour scheme and style, avoiding any unnecessary furniture and fittings. As such, all power distribution cabinets will either be underground or installed along the facades, leaving the square as clear and uncluttered as possible
  • Plans for areas where café and restaurant terraces can be installed
  • Tall lampposts in line with the trees

A project launched by

The City of Luxembourg

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Contact details

Contact details

Service Espace public, fêtes et marchés (EFM)

Petit Passage
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