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Free transport service to the vaccination centre

Reserved for residents aged 65 and above

Residents (aged 65 and above) of Luxembourg City who have received an invitation as part of the national vaccination campaign are now offered a transport service to and from the vaccination centre.

This service provides residents with an easy option for getting to and from the vaccination centre, where they will be checked in for their appointment on arrival.

To make use of the service, eligible residents are asked to book their trip at least 24 hours before their appointment at the vaccination centre by calling 4796-2975 (available Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 18:00). To book their trip, users of the service will need to provide the date and time of their vaccination appointment, their name, their place of residence and a telephone number where they can be contacted.

The Service Autobus will then schedule a trip with a "Hello Taxi" vehicle, which will pick up the user at their home and take them to the vaccination centre.

Once they have been vaccinated, users of the service are asked to go the Service Autobus stand near the exit of the hall, where an agent will organise their trip back home.

Transport will be provided every day, during the opening hours of the vaccination centre. Steps have been taken to ensure that the public-health measures currently in force are observed during all trips (airing and disinfection of vehicles after each trip; provision of hand sanitiser, etc.). Users may be accompanied by one person.

Changes to parking

The entire Hall Victor Hugo car park will be closed to parking and strictly reserved for the needs of the vaccination centre, and accessible only to centre staff and visitors with an official invitation. Only those spaces reserved for Carloh car-sharing vehicles and the electric-vehicle charging stations will be available for users of these services.

For those concerned, the car park will still be accessible as usual, via Avenue Victor Hugo and Avenue du Bois. Access to the vaccination centre will be signposted by the Service Circulation (Traffic Department).