Take care of yourself

As the new coronavirus sweeps across the globe, many are experiencing a growing feeling of unease and a rising sense of panic. This is not helped by the fact that we are constantly informed as to how best we can protect ourselves against infection. So, in the prevailing climate of anxiety and unease, what can you do to keep yourself safe and prevent the rising sense of foreboding you feel from developing into obsessive-compulsive disorder or a form of emotional distress? And if it does, who can you turn to for support?

Below is a regularly updated list of websites, services and helplines that are accessible to the general public.

Psychological care and support

  • The COVID-19 hotline (8002 8080 or +352 49 77 1 9200 from abroad) set up by the Ministry of Health (Ministère de la Santé) offers psychological support in several languages from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 16:00.
    This hotline is open to anyone seeking help, and is manned by highly qualified teams trained in providing callers in need with assistance and support, and who will arrange teleconsultations if need be.

Information portals

  • The Ministry of Health website offers detailed information on the current situation, answers to frequently asked questions, and information sheets on managing stress, self isolation and recommended precautionary measures.
  • On covid19-psy.lu, residents and healthcare workers can find a list of support services, advice on how to look after their mental health during the pandemic, and answers to frequently asked questions. The website also has a "Health professionals" section.
  • The government website, www.covid19.lu, also publishes information on the following topics:
    • Medical teleconsultations
    • Businesses and cross-border workers 
    • Education (Schouldoheem)
    • Staying active (AktivDoheem)
    • Leave for family reasons
    • Coronavirus furlough leave (chômage partiel)
    • The National Health Reserve (Réserve sanitaire nationale)
    • Housing
    • The cultural sector
    • etc.

Emergency and 24-hour standby services

  • A comprehensive list of telephone numbers for emergency and 24-hour standby services can be found on sante.lu.

Care for children and support for parents

Protection against domestic violence

Other useful helplines

  • Labour law and coronavirus furlough leave: 8002 9191
  • Online sales for vulnerable persons: 8002 9292

  • Housing aid: 8002 1010