Topics and contents

CITY is our official magazine, published in French and English.

CITY offers readers feature articles on a wide range of topics: politics, culture, business, mobility, urban planning, the environment, integration, and more. This magazine also includes other types of content, such as interviews, latest stories and news items.

This magazine shines a light on what's happening in Luxembourg City, including the decisions taken by the college of aldermen and the municipal council, in order to make these issues more accessible to residents and visitors.

In the agenda section, readers can easily navigate the calendar of events, and quickly find the type of events they are most interested in.

Distribution and subscription

CITY is a monthly magazine, with a single issue for July and August (11 issues per year).


  • Residents of Luxembourg City need not register, as it is distributed free of charge to all households in the city.
  • For other residents of the Grand Duchy, you can subscribe for free online using this form.
  • We also send City magazine to readers abroad for a postage fee of €10 per year.