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Bus line 7

Bonnevoie – Kirchberg

The current terminus "Heedekëppchen" will be replaced by the terminus "Jean-François Gangler". The new route of bus line 7 will take passengers from Bonnevoie ("Jean-François Gangler") via Rue Pierre Krier, Rue de Hesperange and Route de Thionville to Luxembourg Central Station, after which it will continue to Verlorenkost, Pulvermühl, Cents, Neudorf and Kirchberg. This bus will operate every 30 minutes from Monday to Saturday. This new route will provide better connections between Bonnevoie and Luxembourg Central Station.

Bus line 12

Merl – Parc de l'Europe

Bus line 12 will end its route at the "Merl, Celtes" stop instead of the current terminus at P+R Bouillon. This will provide better connections between Merl and Belair. As of September 2020, service on bus line 12 will be provided by electric buses.

Bus line 15

P+R Bouillon – Hamm

Bus line 15 will have its new terminus at P+R Bouillon, replacing bus line 12. Thanks to a change of route, the Conservatoire and the Athénée will be better connected, as these institutions will be served two bus lines (12 and 15). As of September 2020, service on bus line 15 will be provided by electric buses.

Bus line 24

Howald – Centre Hospitalier

The route of bus line 24 will be extended, allowing for better connections between Centre Hospitalier, Merl-Belair and P+R Bouillon on the one hand, and an extension of the route to P+R Bouillon via Cloche d'Or and P+R Lux-Sud to "Howald, Peternelchen". As of September 2020, service on bus line 24 will be provided by electric buses.

Bus line 27

Bonnevoie – Bertrange

Bus line 27 will serve P+R Bouillon as part of its route between Merl and Luxembourg Central Station (both directions). Its route will also be extended past Luxembourg Central Station, stopping at "Wallis" and "Rocade" before reaching its terminus at the Lycée Technique de Bonnevoie. Bus line 27 will also operate every 30 minutes on Sundays.

Bus line 28

Gare Centrale – Strassen

Bus line 28 will operate more frequently on Saturdays between 8:00 and 20:00 (one bus every 15 minutes, instead of every 20 minutes).

Bus line 29

Cloche d'Or – Senningerberg

There will be changes to the route of bus line 29 in Howald in order to reduce delays due to congestion near the Howald business park. The "Howald, Op der Stirzel" stop will no longer be served, eliminating the need to pass by this detour. In Senningerberg, the "Cargo-Center" terminus will no longer be served.

Bus line 70

P+R Kockelscheuer – Hamm

With its new route, bus line 70 will take passengers from "Hamm, Rue de Bitbourg" via Pulvermühl and Verlorenkost to Luxembourg Central Station, before continuing on to Cessange, Kohlenberg, Ban de Gasperich and P+R Kockelscheuer. This will provide better service between Cessange and Luxembourg Central Station, and create new connections between Cessange, Ban de Gasperich and Kockelscheuer. Bus line 70 will operate every 30 minutes from Monday to Friday.

RGTR bus lines 144, 172, 192, 194, 195, 197, 300, 120, 125, 968

In order to reduce congestion on Avenue de la Gare and around Luxembourg Central Station, there will be changes to a number of RGTR bus lines:

  • The stops of the RGTR Eurobus lines (144, 172, 192, 194, 195) will be moved to the new platforms located at Rocade de Bonnevoie. Passengers will be able to access the train station and platforms via the Bonnevoie walkway.
    • Buses going in the direction of the city centre, Kirchberg, etc. will stop at the platform "Gare-Rocade 3".
    • Buses going in the direction of Howald, Hesperange, etc. will stop at the platform "Gare-Rocade 4".
  • Bus lines 197 and 300 will leave from the platform "Gare-Rocade 6" and arrive at "Gare Rocade 3".
  • Bus lines 120 and 125 will arrive and leave from the platform "Gare Centrale 9/12".
  • School bus 968 will leave from the new platform "Gare-Rocade 3".

Any bus lines not listed here will remain unchanged, and will retain their respective points of arrival and departure.

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