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The City of Luxembourg has 12 new furnished rooms for rent in 2 separate houses.

Each of the rooms – spread over two units – has a shower. They share a basement but are separated by doors that can be opened when needed using a badge. There is also a laundry room, a cellar, a cleaning room and a technical room.


Unit A has seven furnished rooms and a living room with a built-in kitchen.


Unit B has five furnished rooms and a living room with a built-in kitchen.

Exclusion criteria

  • Only applicants who are neither the owner, nor the usufructuary, nor the emphyteutic leaseholder of a dwelling, and who do not enjoy any right of residence in another dwelling in Luxembourg or abroad, are eligible.
  • Only applicants who have resided in the municipality for at least three years, or work in Luxembourg City, will be considered as satisfying the eligibility conditions.
  • Applications that are incomplete, inaccurate, unsigned or not accompanied by all required supporting documents will not be considered.
  • The Service Logement (Housing Department) of the City of Luxembourg must be notified of any change in your circumstances, e.g. a change in your financial situation, address, phone number, household composition etc.).
  • All processed applications must be updated once a year.
  • Inaccurate or incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • The City of Luxembourg's Service Logement reserves the right to check the data of all household members in the National Registry of Natural Persons (Registre national des personnes physiques – RNPP).
  • Further contact will in no way speed up the processing of your file.


Applications to rent a furnished room must be filed using an application form, accompanied by the following documents:

  • Copy of identity card (both sides)
  • Copy of the registration certificate (attestation d'enregistrement) (for EU nationals)
  • Copy of the residence permit (for non-EU nationals)
  • Copy of the social security certificate (<issued within the last three months)
  • Copy of the school or university enrolment certificate
  • Copy of the guaranteed minimum income certificates (certificats de Revenu Minimum Garanti*1 from the previous year:
    • REVIS (Revenu d'Inclusation Sociale – Social inclusion income)
    • AVC (allocation de la vie chère – cost-of-living allowance)
    • RPGH (revenu pour personnes gravement handicapées – income for severely disabled people)
  • Copy of certificates attesting to your taxable income for the last three months, for example:
    • salary
    • pension
    • unemployment, ATI (affectation temporaire indemnisée – paid temporary employment)
    • TUC (travail d'utilité — community work)
    • sickness benefit paid by the National Health Fund (indemnité pécuniaire de maladie versée par la Caisse nationale de santé – CNS)
    • accident pension paid by the Accident Insurance Association (rente accident versée par l'association d'assurance accident – AAA)
    • maternity, parental or family allowances
  • Copy of pension certificate(s)*2:
    • maintenance payments (pension alimentaire)
    • orphan's pension (pension d'orphelin)
    • other
  • Copy of the current lease agreement
  • Copy of the letter terminating the lease agreement and/or copy of the eviction notice
  • Proof of rental payments (transfers for the last three months)
  • Certificate of non-ownership:
    • in Luxembourg
    • abroad (native country and/or other country)
  • If special housing is required, please provide a medical certificate stating that the applicant is unable to live in housing that is not adapted to their particular needs as resulting from their disability, or a certificate of disability issued to them by their health insurance provider.

Applicants will be subject to a social enquiry conducted at the their home. Other social services involved in the case may also be contacted as part of the enquiry.

Important: Incomplete applications will be returned to applicants by post, together with a list of the missing documents required to complete the application.

*1: Request the certificates even if you do not receive any of these types of income.
*2: If you receive non of these pension, please provide evidence of this by signing a declaration on honour (template below).


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L-1130 Luxembourg

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