Pop[corn] Culture 2017

Closing Session

Organized by the University of Luxembourg (Bachelor en Cultures européennes, Film & Popular Culture)

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Ve  26 | 05 à 20h30

The Virgin Suicides

USA 1999 | vostf | 97’ | c | De : Sofia Coppola | Avec: James Wood, Kathleen Turner, Kirsten Dunst | D’après le roman de Jeffrey Eugenides

Virgin Suicides

Dans les années 1970, cinq sœurs se sont suicidées à l’âge des premiers flirts. À partir de là commence un long retour sur la vie quotidienne de ces cinq adolescentes…

« A surprisingly intricate struggle with absence, grief, and memory. » (The New Yorker)

« Tragic, haunting, and sometimes darkly comedic, this movie leaves a strong impression in its telling of a story about the destruction of innocence. » (ReelViews)

« Délicieux objet pop et arty qui vous titille les yeux, les oreilles et les neurones - et vous glace le sang. » (Urbuz) 

Screening followed by discussion of the film with Till Dembeck (German Literature and Intercultural Studies)


Pop[corn] Culture 2017

Pop[corn] Culture is the public part of the interdisciplinary seminar “Film and Popular Culture”, taught at the University of Luxembourg (Bachelor en Cultures Européennes) this summer semester.  The film cycle includes two screenings at the Cinémathèque: we will open with Back to the Future on 17 March and close with Virgin Suicides on 26 May. Each film is followed by a discussion with the audience and a guest speaker. Discussions will focus on the manifold ways in which the film and reality interact, or in other words, how cinema shapes our understanding of the world, and vice versa.

This years’ edition of Pop[corn] Culture focuses more specifically on the notion of ‘spectrality’ and what is ‘haunting’ us. Nostalgia, alternate (what-if) histories, trauma and other obsessions provide us with an angle from which to tackle these highly diverse films. By investing the Cinémathèque, Pop[corn] Culture aims to blur the borders between high(brow) and popular culture and to show that objects of mass consumption deserve serious analysis and can provide us with new insights about our own cultural practices.

Information : https://www.facebook.com/PopcornCultureLU/